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Welcome January 2021

Returning Students

Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

We hope you’re looking forward to the start of a new year of study with us. We understand things may look and feel a little different this year, but there is so much to look forward to and all the same support and opportunities available.

We’ve pulled together this checklist of things to do before you return.

  1. Re-enrol on your course in Online Welcome
    It is important you re-enrol on to your course to access your student loan and to update your contact information. Please note, your student loan should be paid 3-5 working days from your course start date. This is however, on the basis that you have completed your re-enrolment.

    If you experience any issues re-enrolling, please contact
  2. Ensure you have your Campus Card
    If you intend to come onto campus, you will require your card for access to various buildings and as a form of ID. If you have lost your card, please contact There is a £10 charge for a replacement card.
  3. Download your Timetable via your MyBeckett account
    Your new timetable will be available during Welcome in your MyBeckett account.
    If you have any difficulties accessing your timetable or engaging with timetabled sessions please discuss with your Course Administrator
  4. Know your accommodation
    If you have decided to live in university managed accommodation and been offered a place, you should have received confirmation of this from our accommodation team.
    If you haven't sorted your accommodation yet, don't worry, there are still rooms available and our accommodation team can support you with this process. You can take a virtual tour of our accommodation sites. See our accommodation website for further information.
  5. Have your finances in place Apply for your student loan now.

    Please note, your Student Loan should be paid 3-5 working days from your course start date for this year. This is however, on the basis that have you have completed your re-enrolment. If you need any help with applying for your student loan, the Student Loans Company (SLC) have created special guidance and FAQ's.

    If you are having problems with your student finance, see the information on our Student Money Advice pages. Our Student Money team can also support you in applying for bursaries and scholarships.

    Would you like to know more about the Digital Access Fund we are offering this year? If so, please check the "What financial support will be available?" section of the FAQ's below.

Be a good neighbour
Our relationship with our neighbours is very important to us. As a Leeds Beckett University student, you need to be aware of the responsibilities you have while on campus and in the local community. You have a duty to behave appropriately as outlined in your student contract and if your behaviour is inappropriate the university will take disciplinary action.
Plus Icon Leeds Beckett University Student Contract
We expect you to conduct yourself at all times in a manner which demonstrates respect for the university, its students and staff, and members of the wider community. When you join you enter into a student contract which outlines our expectations on your behaviour. These include:
  • Compliance with the university’s regulations and policies on student behaviour and conduct, in particular the student code of conduct
  • Listen to and respect the differing perspectives of those from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Take care with our personal and professional identity, particularly in social and digital interactions and recognise the impact those interactions may have on others
We have a process for members of the local community to report anti-social behaviour and we will carry out disciplinary action on any Leeds Beckett University students found to be involved. Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated and we will enforce our student code of conduct. Sanctions include:
  • Warning
  • Fines of up to £500
  • Termination of student residency agreement
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
You can find details of the university’s expectations around your behaviour as well as the complaints process in the student contact 2020/2021.
Plus Icon Universities and Colleges Neighbourhood Helpline
We work closely with other universities in the city, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, Leeds Anti-social Behaviour team and West Yorkshire Police to minimise nuisance and anti-social behaviour in local neighbourhoods.

We encourage our neighbours to use this helpline and we work with Leeds Anti-social Behaviour team and West Yorkshire Police to respond to any nuisance or disorder.

We will take the necessary disciplinary action to enforce the student code of conduct.
Plus Icon Public Spaces Protection Order
Leeds City Council implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) on 1 July 2020 for an area of North West Leeds, covering Headingley, Hyde Park, Weetwood, Little London and Woodhouse. This was implemented to tackle serious anti-social behaviour, nuisance and disorder, as well as environmental issues.

The PSPO provides additional powers to prohibit and take enforcement action against certain behaviours in public spaces. Continued failure to comply with any requirements contained under the PSPO could result in enforcement action being taken, which could include a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 or action through the courts by Leeds City Council.

The Public Spaces Protection Order sets out prohibitions for behaviour within this area which you need to be aware of. These include:
  • Anti-social behaviour and criminality.

  • This means you should not engage in criminal or anti-social behaviour at any time. This includes using abusive language towards others, damaging property (including graffiti) and shouting in the street.

  • Noise nuisance, gatherings of two or more people and parties in residential streets and local parks.

  • This means that you should not hold gatherings or parties in gardens or streets.

  • Leaving bins and bags of waste on streets and in public spaces.

  • This means that you must return your bin within the property boundary after collection and not leave bags of waste in gardens or on the street.

  • Being in possession of and consuming alcohol or using psychoactive substances in public spaces.

  • This means you should not consume alcohol outside of the property boundary and to not take, or allow others to take, psychoactive or illegal substances in your accommodation.

Plus Icon Noise
Most of the complaints we receive around noise are from house parties. Anti-social behaviour and repeated offenses of this kind will result in disciplinary action by the University. Sanctions include warnings, fines, suspension and expulsion.

Leeds City Council also responds to complaints about anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance. A legal notice issued by the council can result in a criminal conviction, confiscation of any noise-making equipment, fines of up to £5,000 and closure notices on a house to prohibit entry by visitors or even occupants. A criminal conviction can have a long-term impact on your life and your future career.
Plus Icon Covid-19 and public health

It is important that you follow the Government’s latest advice on Covid-19 and abide by social distancing guidance and comply with the law at all times.

If Leeds Beckett University students are seen to be breaking the law and causing danger to public health, we will take disciplinary action and there will be potential consequences for your academic career.

Plus Icon Waste and recycling
You can check your bin days on the Leeds City Council website. Please don’t leave wheelie bins on streets between collections as they can cause an obstruction for people who need to get past on the pavement.

For more information visit Leeds City Council’s A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal guide.
Plus Icon Neighbourhood respect
Please be good neighbours and be aware of the responsibilities you have as members of the community and ambassadors for the university.

Information if you are high risk

Clinically Vulnerable and Extremely Clinically Vulnerable

It is important for us to know if you are clinically vulnerable that you have a condition and are considered at high risk from Covid-19 or extremely clinically vulnerable - that you were issued with a shielding letter from your GP/NHS or you fall into one of the extremely vulnerable categories within this NHS guidance. This information will help us to provide and send you specific support information should it be needed.

Within Online Welcome, in the useful links tabs, there is a Clinically Vulnerable status tab. Please complete the form. If you have any questions, please email

Get ahead

Being at university isn’t just about studying, it’s about making the most of your entire student experience. We want you to continue to meet new people, develop new skills, explore new cultures, stretch and develop yourself and keep making those memories that will last a lifetime. You may have done much of this already, which is great, but if you feel you would have liked to have made more of your time with us so far, it’s never too late. The following suggestions are a great place to start.
Plus Icon Find out more about the Beckett Careers team

The Beckett Careers team are here to support students and graduates with all aspects of career planning & decision making, along with helping you to recognise and develop your employability skills.

This can be anything from career planning and understanding options with your degree, writing CVs and applications, developing a good on-line presence, help with interviews, and applying for further study (including teacher training), to searching for jobs and getting part-time work, understanding how to make the most of graduate fairs, and plenty more!

Beckett Careers: Level 5 Careers Induction

Beckett Careers: Level 6 Careers Induction

Beckett Careers: Postgraduate Careers Induction

Beckett Careers: What is a placement and what are the benefits?

Plus Icon Did you download our Leeds Beckett app when you first joined us?
Our free app works on phones and tablets and is available on both Android and iOS.  The app gives you:

  • Links to the various online learning platforms used as part of your learning. 
  • Maps of our campuses and the city with the locations of university buildings and facilities, all our Halls of Residence and other useful places. 
Find out more on our App page and download it from the App Store and Google Play now.
Plus Icon Make the most of your Library and our full range of IT support

The Library provides individual bookable study spaces for students to use. These are limited as our spaces need to comply with current Covid-19 restrictions. Students will not be allowed into the Library without a booking.

If you want to study in the Libraries you must book a time and individual space via Book a Study Space. The number of spaces is currently very limited.

Whether you visit us in person or access resources online, there are so many resources and support available. Here’s some we think you’ll find helpful -

Plus Icon Find out which scholarships and bursaries you are eligible to apply for
As a student at Leeds Beckett University you may be eligible to apply for scholarships and bursaries that are available to support you in your studies. Read more about the scholarships and bursaries and the eligibility criteria.
Plus Icon Do you follow us on social media?

Follow us via our official Leeds Beckett Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts, here we share lots of important information, event updates and opportunities to get involved in different activities. Please note many of our schools have their own social media accounts too. 

You may also wish to follow some of our other accounts, all designed to ensure you get the most from your student experience –


Plus Icon What financial support will be available?
Digital Access Fund

The Digital Access Fund has been established to provide financial support to students who do not have a laptop and are unable to purchase one. Awards from the fund are a fixed £500 and come in the form of a voucher to spend with an approved University supplier. 

Applications to the fund are means tested and you will need to submit evidence of your household income and bank statements with your application. 

Through our supplier you can purchase a Windows or Apple laptop and some accessories such as a mouse or a keyboard. Any equipment you purchase through the fund is yours to keep.

Any laptop you purchase will need to meet the minimum or recommended University specification, below. However, we would urge you to refer to the technical specifications related to your course before purchasing your equipment.


Minimum Specification

Recommended Specification


Dual-core 2 Ghz

Dual-core 3.4 Ghz


4 GB

8 GB


128 GB

256 GB

The fund is open to Home and EU undergraduate and postgraduate students. Full eligibility criteria can be found below.

The University has published an FAQs document which you can find here. Applications open on Tuesday 1st September and can be submitted online.


  • The fund is open to students enrolled on full-time and part-time higher education courses (excluding distance learners) at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. You must be fully enrolled to access the means-tested fund.

  • The scheme is open to Home and EU students only.

  • Undergraduate students must be studying on a course that is eligible for statutory student funding.

  • Part-time students must be studying at least 50% equivalent of a full-time course.

  • Students must have applied for all available statutory student funding, whether postgraduate or undergraduate, before applying to this fund.

  • Where students are eligible to apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), students must pursue this route of funding before applying to the fund. Students applying for DSA may be able to request a laptop loan from the University in the interim and may also be eligible for a £200 contribution through the University’s DSA Computer Fund.

  • Applicants may only submit one application to the scheme during their time at University. Students who have previously received funding for a laptop from the University Hardship Fund between April 2020 and August 2020, are not eligible to apply.

  • Applications must be submitted before Friday 28th May 2021 and vouchers must be redeemed by Friday 25th June 2021.

  • Where a recipient of a voucher leaves the University prior to 12th October, the University reserves the right to request repayment of £500.

  • The fund is available for the 2020/21 academic year only. Should students defer entry to the University, they will be unable to apply again or redeem unused vouchers.

Living Expenses Support Scheme (Hardship Fund)

If you fall into financial hardship or anticipate financial hardship related to the current Covid-19 pandemic and other funds are not available to meet essential living costs, you can apply for a non-repayable award from our Hardship Fund.

If you cannot meet day-to-day living costs such as rent, food, bills etc, because you have lost income or cannot get part time work, or have relied on family support which has now reduced, you can apply for a mean tested award of between £100 and £3,500.

The award will be dependent upon circumstances and family income, and current home and EU students can apply. Please note that awards cannot be guaranteed as funds are limited and we are unable to provide any support towards payment of tuition fees.
Plus Icon Do you need a new TOTUM Card (previously NUS card)?
TOTUM is the National Union of Students approved student discount card and app giving you access to huge offers on food and essentials, tech, streaming, fashion, beauty and a whole lot more.

You can apply for your TOTUM card online.
Plus Icon Find out what events are running via the Students' Union this year
Leeds Beckett Students’ Union is running a programme of physical and online events during September. This includes a Freshers Fair, e-sports tournaments and virtual escape rooms. Keep checking the Students’ Union’s Freshers page for more information.
Plus Icon Find out about the wide range of facilities and services offered by our Sport & Active Lifestyles team this year
Although things may be delivered a little differently this year, there’s still lots of opportunities to get involved. You can view all their latest info online.
Plus Icon Safety and security
Register your personal belongings for free with Immobilise and improve your chances of getting them back if they are lost or stolen.
Plus Icon Put key numbers in your mobile phone

Ensuring you have all the important numbers you need, when you need them, is an important part of staying safe and managing any issues that may arise during your student experience. We suggest adding numbers for –

Plus Icon Register with Disability Advice
If you have, or think you may have, a disability which will affect your ability to study or physically access our University, please contact us before you arrive so that we can start discussing your support needs.

Our Disability Advice Team are available to help you at any time throughout your course of study. Support is available to students with a range of disabilities and long-term conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, a mental health condition (e.g. anxiety or depression), a long-term health condition (e.g. epilepsy, IBS, diabetes, etc.), autism, a physical or a sensory condition.  

You can find out more about the support that is available, book an appointment with your Disability Adviser and receive assistance with the Disabled Students’ Allowance application on the Disability Advice Team page. The sooner you contact us, the earlier we can arrange to put support into place in time for starting your course.
Plus Icon Know your Academic Calendar and Terms Dates
Being aware of when teaching time is, including scheduled breaks in teaching can be very helpful in planning your studies, as well as any holidays you may like to take as part of a well-earned rest. You can view our Academic Calendar online. Detailed information regarding other key dates including exams and other assessment periods will be shared with you via your Course Team. 
Plus Icon Reconnect with your Students' Union
From advice and support, to activities and events, your Students’ Union is here to support you. If you haven’t used them so far, here’s just a few of the things they have on offer:

Plus Icon Budget your Student Loan and other finances
Our Student Money Team have developed a wide range of tools and tips to help you budget
Plus Icon Did you register with a GP previously?
If not, we strongly advise that you do if you’re living away from home. It’s best to do this now and not wait until you might need to see a doctor. You can search for local GP's via the NHS GP Services Finder.  

Make sure you have visited your GP at home before you arrive to have the MenACWY and MMR vaccines; these help protect you against Meningitis and Measles, Mumps and Rubella. All first time University students under the age of 25 and some 17 and 18 year olds are eligible for the vaccine. Check your eligibility online.
Plus Icon Living in private accommodation this year?
If so, we hope everything runs smoothly. If, however you require any support, the Students’ Union Advice Service is always on hand to help. From checking your unsigned contracts, to advice on disputes, disrepair, house hunting, rent arrears, tenancy issues and more, they have it covered.

In-person appointments will not be available during the first semester unless under exceptional circumstances.

0113 81 28400 | | Website | Enquiry Form

If you have specific housing questions in relation to Covid19, the SU have provided a helpful Accommodation update for you.
Plus Icon Support during your studies

As you progress through your studies, we know that you might need support with more complex queries or concerns, we have a team of trained advisers to help you. Our advisers can offer 1-1 appointments, providing you with a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to talk about your circumstances and identify support that you can access within, and outside of the University.

Don’t struggle, get in touch!

Telephone: 0113 812 3000


Website: Student Advice Hub

As well as the Student Advice Hub team, we want to remind you that the Student Wellbeing is always on hand to help and support you.

The Student Wellbeing team is a multi-disciplinary team made up of counsellors and mental health practitioners who are skilled and experienced in recognising how emotional and mental health difficulties can affect your time whilst at university. They offer a range of support to all current students. To arrange an appointment with the Student Wellbeing Team please complete our online registration form via MyHub.

Kooth Student is an online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform accessible during afternoons, evenings and weekends. To access the platform please sign up and register with Kooth Student directly.

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