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Wellbeing Appointments

If you have a worry on your mind that you feel you can’t discuss with your friends, family or your personal tutor, you may wish to seek advice from us about an issue or work through something that is causing you considerable stress or concern.

Book a One-off Wellbeing Appointment to:

  • Talk about your concerns
  • Gain support to help you understand the issues you have and how they are affecting you
  • Identify practical steps to make positive changes in your life
  • Receive a range of self-help materials to work through any problems you are experiencing

The appointment will give you the confidential space to reflect and focus on the issues that are worrying you, and with the support identify practical steps to take to resolve any problems.

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Who will I see when I book a Wellbeing Appointment?

Appointments are provided by all members of the Student Wellbeing Team.

We are a multi-disciplinary team made up of counsellors, mental health professionals, chaplains and other practitioners who are highly skilled and experienced in recognising how emotional and mental health difficulties can affect your time at university.

Come and talk to someone confidentially to receive support, suggestions and practical advice. Please see our Student Wellbeing Service Agreement for further information about confidentiality.

Wellbeing practitioners will also provide information and signposting to appropriate services both internally and externally to the university as required.

Where will I be seen?

We offer appointments at both campuses, and you can indicate your preference when you register on-line.

What next?

For some students, a single Wellbeing Appointment is enough to help them with whatever is on their mind. If you and your Wellbeing Practitioner feel it may be helpful to have further appointments, you can choose to have short-term counselling or meet with a Mental Health Practitioner for on-going support.


Wellbeing Practitioners can also direct you to a range of self-resources that you can use to help yourself. You might like to look at the information on our Self Help page at the range of materials available.

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