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How does Exchange work?

The Study Abroad and Exchange Programme enables you to study at one of over 150 partner universities across the world with which Leeds Beckett University has formal exchange agreements.

You can spend one or two semesters abroad studying or working towards a faculty approved learning study plan, whilst earning credit towards your degree course at Leeds Beckett University.

As an exchange student you remain enrolled full-time at Leeds Beckett University while you are away, so continue to pay your tuition fees to us in the usual way. A student at your host university does the same in reverse, and the result is an exchange of students and places.

How does Study Abroad affect my degree?

There will be no effect to your degree at Leeds Beckett University as you will be fully credited while you are abroad. You are required to take a full-time study load, and have your study plan approved by your Course Director.

Usually study abroad will be a pass/fail year/semester. This means that whilst abroad you must pass all modules/units undertaken in order to receive the credits that will contribute to your progression onto the next level. Please be aware that the marks on the year abroad will not count towards your final Leeds Beckett University degree classification.

What about the language?

Many of our partner universities in non-English speaking countries offer a wide range of modules taught in English.

It is not necessary to be able to speak a foreign language, but it will be helpful for you to know some of the basics and your exchange semester is a great opportunity to improve your foreign language skills or start learning another language.

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