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How We Work with Industry

The Retail Institute’s unique position within the University means that we are able to work across many different academic disciplines and global networks. We recognise that various disciplines can be applied to a research problem and the university environment provides an extraordinary opportunity to access expertise from a range of academic fields.

We are a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise, research and teaching, who, by combining our resources, have created an optimal environment to develop new solutions and ideas – the most conducive way to produce best quality research. 

Our practical approach strengthens commercial decisions through science, knowledge and insight. By working closely with industry, our research provides an invaluable perspective. Our global partners know that through having the support of The Retail Institute, they can make strategic and tactical decisions with the reliance of expert advice.

What We Offer

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Membership gives you access to our team of in-house and global experts for project advice, guidance and support.
Market Research Solutions
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We offer bespoke research solutions with a framework or actionable plan to help drive growth.

We work with companies from across the retail packaging supply chain including retailers, brand owners and packaging suppliers, as well as independent industry bodies, associations and agencies.

The Retail Institute's expertise in packaging and their professional and creative approach to research has had a positive impact on our innovation process.

Sharon Crayton - Ardagh Group