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Identification of ‘Premiumisation’ Opportunities for Confectionery Products

The Brief

The Packaging Department of a global confectionery manufacturer sees packaging as a key strategic investment area to drive commercial growth in the future. They commissioned The Retail Institute to undertake a research project that will underpin a road map to ‘value-up’ and premiumise their confectionery products. The aim of the study was to investigate materials and technologies that can be utilised with the company’s existing resources and capabilities, to help improve their packaging and enable entry into new global markets.

What We Did
Literature Review/Industry Interviews
  • Identified materials currently available within the company’s product formats and emerging materials within new product formats.
  • Identified innovations that fit within the technological capabilities of our client – particularly focusing on emerging technologies.
  • Reviewed global FMCG trends within this product category to provide a holistic landscape for future investments. Factors taken into consideration included selected country demographic profiles, economic trends and specific regional and cultural tastes which are influenced by history and the dominance of particular brands.
  • Recommended materials, technologies and strategies that can enhance the consumer sensory experience by engaging one or more of the five sense drivers i.e. sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. 

This study was completed in 2015 and results are still in the process of being incorporated into the company’s NPD process. Recommendations to be incorporated into the manufacturing process include:

  • Identification of existing premiumisation technologies that can be readily applicable to our client’s technological capacity, resulting in the company considering a number of new materials and coatings in their packaging design process.
  • A shortlist of companies within the supply chain have initiated conversations with the supplier on new formats and innovations for confectionery packaging.
  • Comprehensive intelligence on new market trends, new consumer-bases that require new formats and new solutions have inspired new, different approach for new product pipeline. 
  • Identification of specific subjects for future research focus, with recommendations made on what are the most effective and appropriate research methods. We have consorted further research for the client in this area.
Why We Are Best Placed
  • Our unique access to expensive academic literature and dedicated researchers means that we have knowledge of existing knowledge and developments at lower costs than industry companies.
  • Academic expertise to understand and interpret this information – meaning that you don’t need to!
  • Position as an academic body meant that companies were willing to have open discussions.