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Retail Business Globalisation

Adapt to Global Opportunities

This research theme strives to look at what business models need to be adapted by global businesses to stay relevant and competitive in the market. With consumer behaviour and purchasing power varying between countries and continents, it is crucial to understand the underlying mechanism that can impact business.  

In a very fast-moving business environment like retail, all the players in the supply chain have to be prepared to adapt their business models to suit the changing needs of the industry and market. 

The Retail Institute facilitates new business model thinking through innovative ways of applying the very best global and most relevant retail trends. Driven by technical developments, market trends and eco/ethical values, The Retail Institute can support businesses positively, disrupt their business models and become adaptable to global opportunities.

We have access to specific and relevant localised data, throughout the globe, allowing us to analyse new and developing markets, as well as explore differences in individual markets within larger geographic areas. This enables our clients to understand key intricacies that can help them to achieve successful implementation into new territories.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Global Strategic Agenda
  • Market Studies
  • Retail Trends and the impacts on the (1) Consumer (2) Retail store (3) Online  
  • Urban Trends
  • Emerging Markets
  • New Business Models
  • Retail Distribution Channels
  • Growth sectors

The Retail Institute have helped P&G make significant connections with academia and industry, and have also provided useful insight into the world of retailing.

Lee Burrowes - P&G