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The Retail Institute’s member companies come from across the supply chain, including retailers, brand owners, packaging manufacturers and chemical producers. They all benefit from the range of perspectives within the network by making connections and learning about each other’s problems and solutions. Our members’ events provide the opportunity for people from different organisations to connect and discuss topics outside the regular setting of ‘doing business’. In addition, The Retail Institute’s partnerships with trade organisations widens our network and access to industry knowledge and practice. Finally, Leeds Business School base puts us at the heart of a community of business scholars and students, all of whom are eager to work with industry and develop new ideas and innovations.

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The Retail Institute is a small team with a big network. Our core team works closely with clients to ensure our memberships services cover topics relevant to their interests. We delve deep into research evidence and convert that knowledge into useful insights for the business world. Our bespoke research projects have investigated many innovations and market settings so our clients can develop effective new products. When we need specialist knowledge on, for example, a packaging format, communication strategy, or approach to data analysis, we bring in our colleagues from Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University or our wider international network of experts.

It is crucial to understand the context of a research problem and the different kinds of solutions that could help to solve them. Our multidisciplinary approach and access to experts from diverse subject groups means that we get the context and understand the solutions.

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access the latest insights and new thinking 

One of our main aims is to bring current academic knowledge to the business community. Innovations and insights from scholarly research help to provide alternative perspectives that are based on high quality scientific evidence. Knowledge of this kind generates new ideas and methods for tackling real industry issues. The Retail Institute also monitors market trends, new fashions and the latest retail techniques. We use that information to identify the practical value of academic research, maximising the relevance of our work to our stakeholders and generating new ideas and topics for further investigation.

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Join The Retail Institute and access research, insights and advice led by a team with over 20 years of experience in retail consultancy and innovation. As well as expert guidance, you’ll receive access to a range of publications, such as reports and quarterly bulletins, networking events and special interest forums.

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