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Making Innovation Stick

Are you ready to innovate? Join us to find out about innovation and change within business and how to build the right foundation for growth

innovation stick 

About this Event

Do any of these apply to you?

  • I run a SME
  • I am so busy running my business I don’t have time to change or innovate
  • I wish I had time to innovate but I’m too busy to think about it
  • I don’t know how to innovate
  • I’ve tried to change things but I just can’t make it work
  • I’m worried that changing things will be too disruptive
  • Innovation is not for me - my business is doing fine
  • I don’t know where to get help

If you’re struggling with any of these challenges then this session is for you. We know that as business owners/operators you’re often so busy working IN the business you don’t have time to work ON the business. Innovation can feel intimidating and difficult and perhaps like it doesn’t apply to you.

But innovation and change apply to ALL businesses, doing something different and making meaningful change has never been so important in supporting business resilience. Embedding the right foundations within your business, makes it more robust and provides you with a platform for sustainable growth. In a world of ever developing disruptive technologies, intelligent data and business models, the opportunities are endless but without the right foundations embedding these transformations will come unstuck.

Do you have the solid foundations for innovation? We take a look at what’s needed to support your business to innovate and support sustainable strategic growth, make change achievable and meaningful and how to do it without throwing the rest of the business into chaos!

We will even signpost you to those who can help!

Event Details

4 February 2021 -
4 February 2021
09:30 – 10:30 GMT