Living at home while studying

Lots of students choose to live at home during their studies at Leeds Beckett. If you’re thinking of travelling in from home for your studies, here are some things to think about to get the most out of your uni experience.

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University accommodation doesn't always suit everybody

While some people love the freedom of living alone somewhere new, some people would much rather stay within the comfort of their own home – and that’s okay.

Living at home while at university is an option which some students choose, especially if they live locally. For some, this can cause a bit of anxiety. For example, some worry that they won’t make as many friends if they do not live in halls. Others panic that they might not get the ‘full’ university experience if they do not spend all of their time on campus.

This guide is here to guide you to making the right choice for both your circumstances and your preferences. We will give you some pros and cons of living at home versus living in university accommodation, plus some advice for getting the most out of your experience if you do decide that halls are not for you.

Pros of living at home

  1. Family and friends

    You stay close to your family and friends.


    need we say any more?

  3. Watch the pennies

    There is the potential to save money (although commuting costs can add up, especially if you end up getting a lot of taxis home after nights out. It’s a good idea to work out how much you will spend on your commute, versus how much it would cost to live in accommodation).

  4. Keep earning

    You can remain in a part-time job close to home if you already have one.

Cons of living at home

  1. Missing friends

    School friends can move away to university, meaning that your friendship group may become smaller.

  2. 'Under my roof'

    You still live under your parents’ rules, which may get a little annoying.

  3. Getting to uni

    You may get frustrated by your commute, or fed up if you have to leave events early in order to catch the last train home.

  4. Plan, plan, plan

    You will have to plan your days more carefully than those living in halls - for example, if you have several gaps in-between lectures, you need to think about how you will fill that time.

making friends

Just because you’re not staying in our Halls of Residence doesn’t mean you will miss out on making those life-long university friendships like your fellow students. At Leeds Beckett many of our students commute in from surrounding towns and cities, and just like you, they have access to an array of societies, events and other friendship networks.

Our Students' Union societies are a great place to start, from the DJ Society to the Debating Society they have a diverse collection of clubs to choose from. Interested in Sport? Our sporting community offers 40 different clubs to choose from and is a great way to meet new people with the same interests as you.

Don’t forget to join our Official Freshers Facebook Group where you can keep up to date on all upcoming events and activities as well as chat with other new students. If you would like to chat with students who also live at home just like you, try joining the Leeds Beckett Commuters Facebook group run by the Students Union.

Many of your course mates won’t be familiar with Leeds, use your local knowledge and show them some of your favourite places to go.

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your time on campus

You don't have to be studying sport to take advantage of our varied sport facilities. Whether you want to get involved in a sports club, take a fitness class or just keep fit in our gym, you will find plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Need some help? Our student hub is available to all our students, and can provide help and support with both academic and personal issues. Whether you want careers advice, budgeting tools or even travel information, our friendly teams are available at both campuses.

If you would prefer an area to have some down time, the Students' Union is a great place to head. Whether you want to check out a gig, or if you're just looking for somewhere to grab some food and play pool, the student union bars are a perfect option.

Find your perfect place to study – from a quiet spot in the Library to catch up with your reading to Student Meeting Rooms and social learning spaces to work on your group assignments.


take your next steps

If you're interested in joining us and want to know more about the application process, your chosen course or what to expect when you get here, there's lots of ways to get in touch. You can call or email our Admissions team, chat to one of our amazing Student Ambassadors or stay in touch by providing us with a few contact details to get all the latest information about courses, events and student life!