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Making your UCAS choices

Our advice to help you make the right decision
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It can be a real struggle to decide which five universities to put on your UCAS application. You'll either have three unis you're happy with and have to find another two, or you'll have seven and have to start making cuts. It doesn’t even stop there, because once you have your offers, you’ve got to start making choices about which will be your firm and which will be your insurance. 

How do you make these big decisions? One of the best ways is to look at all your potential choices and make sure you can see yourself studying that course, at that university for three or more years. Think about what is important to you and make sure all your choices fit those criteria. What should your criteria be? Watch the video above to get some advice on where to start.

Making your UCAS choices Video Transcript

I'm Becky, I work for Leeds Beckett University - we know that making a decision around which unis to put on your UCAS form can be really tricky and we reckon there are three criteria that you might want to think about when you're making that decision.

  • The Course
  • The Location
  • Post-uni

 So let's break those three criteria down.

The Course

Firstly, the course. You're going to be studying for at least three years, so you want to make sure that the course content is something that's going to interest you, that the facilities are good - how about the lecturers and what about any placements that you get to do on the course?

The Location

When it comes to location think about what the uni is like and can you picture yourself there. What are the buildings like, what's the rest of the community like and how about stuff that you're going to do outside of the course - can you join a society? Can you do some voluntary work? Maybe play a sport? Think about where the uni is located. Do you want to be close to home or a little bit further away? And what kind of stuff you want to do when you're there? Do you want to be somewhere where there's plenty of lively student stuff to do or maybe somewhere that's a little bit quieter and calmer. They're all going to have an influence on how much you enjoy your time at uni.


You want to think about what you want to do after uni as well and this can be quite a difficult one but maybe you've got a specific career in mind or maybe you want to go on and do some research and a postgraduate degree. Even if you don't know, it's worth looking at what the uni offers in terms of a career service. What work experience are you going to get? What links have they got with employers? It's all really useful for when you graduate. 

I hope that's been helpful and best of luck with your choices.

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