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Wellbeing Consultancy Service

Wellbeing Consultancy Service

Helping your organisation

Eliot Cohen.

At Leeds Beckett University, we know how important staff health and wellbeing can be. We recognise how it can increase productivity, help with staff retention and support an organisation's reputation as an employer. We've used our wealth of health and wellbeing expertise to develop a consultancy service that will enable businesses and organisations to drive up the standards of employee wellbeing. Leeds Beckett University has a range of expertise and interventions that can help increase staff wellbeing within your organisation, including healthy eating, mindfulness and stress management. All our strategies are based in evidence and can help people develop skills, resilience and self-efficacy to manage their work and personal life.

Our services

We offer the following wellbeing services, all of which will be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs:

Policy and procedure audit
Our consultants will review your organisation's current health and wellbeing policy and make recommendations for change based on industry standards. Whether this is small tweaks or a suggested rewrite, we will help your organisation to develop a cutting-edge health and wellbeing policy.

We will work with your organisation to measure the impact and success of your current health and wellbeing initiatives.

Training and education
We can provide training and education classes in a variety of formats to suit the needs of your organisation's workforce. This could include seminars, workshops, drop-ins and practical sessions.

On-site delivery
Our consultants can work from your organisation’s premises, making sure your needs and requirements are met in a setting that’s familiar to your workforce.

Our health practitioners can run screening sessions on a number of issues such as blood pressure, heart rate and body mass index (BMI).

Case Studies

We can provide case studies that you can use to showcase your commitment to health and wellbeing among staff and external stakeholders.

How does it work?

We can work with you to identify the most relevant interventions for your organisation, and provide advice and expertise in these areas. You can pick from 'menus' such as:

Plus Icon Health and fitness
We host our own creative and fun fitness challenges within our University and are eager to share these tried and tested formulas with you to create a bespoke fitness programme for your company. For example, we could devise a challenge to help your workforce get fit for summer.

Plus Icon Health screening
Focusing on:
• Blood pressure/heart rate/BMI.
• Weight management.
• Health awareness.
• Support for managing long-term conditions.
Plus Icon Nutrition and healthy eating
Focusing on:
• Healthy eating seminars.
• Food diaries.
• Menu evaluation.
• Shift worker diet analysis and engagement.
Plus Icon Wellbeing and Early Intervention
Focussing on:
• Stress management and emotional wellbeing.
• Dealing with retirement.
• Voice care.
• Mental health first aid.
• Sleep deprivation.

We can also offer expertise and bespoke interventions in men's health, first aid and health and safety risk management.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates that stress costs businesses £3.8 billion a year and, according to the Chartered Institute of Professional Development absence management survey, stress and other mental health conditions are among the main causes of employee absence. By working with us, you can take the right steps in ensuring your organisation can combat this.

Further Information

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