you belong here. Racism doesn't.

There is no place for racism at Leeds Beckett University and no place for behaviour which undermines the dignity and human rights of other members of the community.

Following the death of George Floyd we made a public declaration of solidarity with the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement, and reiterated our commitment to promoting equality and diversity in all its forms.

I ask everyone to Support-Report-Respect and to play your part in making Leeds Beckett University a community where everyone can thrive and meet their full potential.

Get Support

If you do not wish to report a hate incident, but just want to share your experience or talk to someone in confidence, you can approach any of these support services for help.

  1. Student Advice Team

    To speak to someone outside of your course, contact Student Services through the Student Advice Hub. You can call them on 0113 812 3000 or email

  2. Residential Life Officers

    If an incident relates to your accommodation. You can contact your local Residential Officer or email Residential officers will give advice, mediate, deal with emergencies or even just take the time for a chat.

  3. Your course team

    You could talk to a trusted member of your course team, for example, your academic advisor, course tutor, or a course administrator. If your experience is connected with your course, it will be beneficial to you and your peers if issues can be discussed and dealt with in your course home.

  4. Student Union's Advice Service

    If the incident concerned was related to a staff/student/service at the University you can seek advice from the Students’ Union Advice Service about practical options open to you in relation to the university regulations and procedures, for example, making a formal complaint. The Students’ Union Advice Service is a professional service providing independent advice to Leeds Beckett Students. You can call them on 0113 812 8400 or email

  5. BAME Student Ambassadors

    The community of BAME student ambassadors ensure that BAME students are heard, better represented, and empowered to voice their views. The ambassadors are not a support service, but they have a direct interest in understanding and reflecting on the experiences of fellow students.

    If you are the sort of person who wants to channel your experience into campaigning and activism, have a look at the opportunities available via your Students’ Union.

    It may be that your response to an experience is to get out there and do something about it, rather than look for support or report an incident. If that sounds like you. Take a look at the Activism & Campaigns section of the Students’ Union website to see how you get involved and active. The Racial Justice Network is a network of individuals, communities and organisations working together to end racial injustice and address legacies of colonialism.

If you are a member of staff who has experienced any form of racial harassment or discrimination, there are a number of sources of support available to you including:

  1. Employee Assistance Programme

    Health Assured, the Employee Assistance Programme, offers a free, confidential counselling and legal advice service 24/7.

  2. Equality and Inclusion

    The Equality and Inclusion team can provide guidance.


  3. Line management support

    You can seek line management support from your direct line manager or another manager. Alternatively from the Employee Relations team

  4. Race Forum

    The Race Forum discusses, promotes and airs concerns staff may have about Race and Equality at the university.