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Dr Donna Johnson

About Dr Donna Johnson

Donna is a researcher and lecturer, primarily in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology.

Her background has predominantly been in molecular biology, using PCR-based techniques to investigate gene expression in response to dietary copper and microbial populations in anaerobic digesters. Her current research is focused on the involvement of epigenetic control in the development of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic cross-resistance in clinically relevant Gram negative bacteria.

Current Teaching

Donna currently teaches the following modules on our three biomedical science postgraduate courses:
  • Advanced Professional Practise and Research
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Advanced Medical Microbiology

She also teaches on our undergraduate Biomedical Sciences courses.


Research Interests

Donna is currently investigating the role of epigenetic control, specifically adenine and cytosine methylation, on the development of resistance to the antimicrobial agent Triclosan. It is hoped that this research will contribute new information to the mechanisms of resistance development and associated antibioitic resistance and identify potential new targets for such agents.  

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