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The University recognises that, from time to time, students may encounter issues which may prevent them from being able to submit or take assessment. Where this is the case, students may be able to submit their 'extenuating circumstances' for consideration.

The University operates a fit to sit/ fit to submit approach to extenuating circumstances which means students who take their assessment are declaring themselves fit to do so.

Students who, for valid reasons, are not fit to take assessment may submit their extenuating circumstances for consideration by their Faculty Mitigation Panel. This will ensure that the Board of Examiners is fully aware of your circumstances when finalising your marks for the modules affected.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include illness, bereavement, serious family illness or being a victim of crime. You will need evidence to prove your situation; the Students’ Union Advice Service can offer guidance on what evidence you will need to present. There are also examples in the guidance document below. 

You can pick up a form from your Student Administration Office, or download one from the documents below. You should hand your completed form in to your Student Administration Office for the attention of the Faculty Mitigation Co-ordinator.

You are strongly advised to speak to an advisor at the Students’ Union Advice Service to help you complete your form.

The guidance documents also include information about applying for an extension or an authorised absence.

All taught students who enrolled from September 2013-14 are subject to the fit to sit/submit extenuating circumstances and mitigation regulations with the exception of those studying with collaborative partners. The 2012-13 forms and guidance are available for these students, please see information under 2012-13 Mitigation and Extenuating Circumstances, below.

All requests for consideration of extenuating circumstances are treated confidentially and are only shared with staff who need to consider them in fulfilling University procedures (The University Academic Principles and Regulations provide further information about this in section C15).


Students’ Union Advice Service
Email – suadvice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Telephone – 0113 812 8400

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