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Coaching & Mentoring

We can all benefit from time to reflect on our current roles and responsibilities and consider our future direction, career path and what we need to do for our own personal development and fulfilment.

As part of our commitment to you, we are able to offer one-to-one coaching support to colleagues. Coaching can be of particular benefit to those who have undergone organisational change; are new to our University or a role; or simply want to maximise performance. Our University has a network of internal workplace coaches who are able to offer coaching as a facilitative process.

Here you can find out more about coaching, how you might benefit from coaching and the process involved.

Interested? Please email the People Development Team on peopledevteam@leedsbeckett.ac.uk to express your interest in coaching and for more information.

Staff coaching

Plus Icon What is Coaching?

Coaching enables colleagues to develop their thinking and expertise in order to enhance their performance. Our internally-trained pool of coaches draw on a range of methods and techniques to support colleagues in exploring practical ways to develop their performance beyond its current position. Coaching is non-directive and the coach will ask relevant questions to help you find your own solutions, rather than providing you with the answers.

It is a partnership in which both parties are committed to your advancement. It is important that you feel comfortable in this relationship and that a high level of trust is established. The coaching process is all about asking questions, to help challenge perceptions and belief systems, at work and in life, and to enable different ways forward to achieve a goal.

Plus Icon How will I benefit?

The coaching focuses on topics and challenges chosen by you that have an impact on your ability to fulfil your role and responsibilities effectively. Your coach will guide and focus you, offering stimulation and challenge and, perhaps most importantly, high expectations. Coaching gives you an ideal opportunity to reflect, raise self-awareness and set your own direction. As the focus of coaching is enhanced performance there are also benefits for the wider organisation.

Plus Icon How does coaching work?

After expressing interest, we will send you a ‘coaching contract’ document, which asks you for some objectives for the coaching. There will then be a matchmaking process whereby you will be offered a coach from a different faculty or service from your own, taking into account any potential conflict of interest. You might also be matched with a coach from the NHS or Leeds City Council, who we have a coaching partnership with.

Typical coaching relationships last for four to six sessions over four to six months, though sometimes one session with a coach is sufficient, particularly before a job application or interview.

Following your sessions you will be asked to revisit your coaching contract in order to evaluate the process. This evaluation process is crucial, giving you a chance to fully reflect and evaluate the impact the coaching has had. You will be asked for your feedback straight after your coaching ends and again after a three-month period to assess the transfer of learning into the workplace and how any changes have been embedded and to identify any further development needs you may have.

Please refer to the Coaching Process for details of the full process.

Plus Icon Career Coaching

Do you know that our University offers colleagues access to career coaching? Any member of staff can request a career coach, which can be of particular benefit to those of you who have undergone or are about to undergo a process of organisational change; or you simply want to work out where to go next in your career! We have both internal coaches, and coaches from Leeds City Council and Leeds NHS Trusts, all of whom have undergone ten months of intense training to equip them with the skills to coach effectively.

Our coaching is non-directive, so your coach won't tell you what to do, but will act as a sounding board and ask you some useful questions to encourage you to think about things in a different way. You will define the agenda for your coaching.

All we ask is that you set some coaching goals prior to your coaching, which clarifies what you hope to get out of it, and re-visit these after your coaching has finished to evaluate the impact of the coaching.

For further information please contact us at peopledevteam@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.

Plus Icon MYe Coach

A system called MYe-Coach is used to create and keep a log of your coaching relationships. Once matched with a coach, you will be sent an automated email containing your login details and a link to the MYe-Coach system.

Your coach will use this system to log session dates and details. The system therefore acts as a record, for session dates as well as any session notes, which you can refer back to as you progress your coaching relationship. You can add notes into the system for your coach, and vice versa - automated emails will notify you of any new notes in the system. Your coach will also use this system to log session dates and details.

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