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royal wedding

The performance of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the Royal Wedding

In this blog, Oliver Bray, Head of Performing Arts at the university, looks at the performance of the Royal Wedding, the new Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.

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ECB Reaching Out to South Asian Communities

Four Leeds Beckett University academics have produced a report - South Asian Communities and Cricket (Bradford and Leeds) - on behalf of Yorkshire Cricket Partnership.

Social Media on a phone

Social media users freely share personal data but fear highly-regulated Government ‘snooping’

Dr Simon Hale-Ross, law lecturer at Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, writes on digital security.

Social Media on a phone

Technology, society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At a recent Leeds Beckett Innovation Network event, Jamie Morgan, Professor Economic Sociology, spoke about the opportunities – and challenges – of the rise of Artificial Intelligence. In this post, he considers the impact of the forthcoming ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Facebook logo

The Facebook privacy scandal proves that if it’s free online, you are the product

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to congress last week highlights one of the key issues of our time - Data acquisition by digital corporations and its lack of regulation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - the verge of a revolution?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact for businesses was the subject of a recent Leeds Beckett Innovation Network event at the Yorkshire Post. In this blog post, Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan – who spoke at the event - considers the opportunities and challenges of AI.

Gender research

Challenging gender inequalities through research

This month, Leeds Beckett held its first annual Gender Research Conference, showcasing the wide range of research taking place across the University. In this post, Anne Flintoff, Professor of Physical Education, looks back on her career researching gender issues in sport and looks towards a positive future of gender equality.

Leeds Beckett University Professor Anne Flintoff
Dr Dan Kilvington

In terms of discrimination in football we have a long way to go

In this post, Dr Dan Kilvingon, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, looks at the misjudged comment of Football Association Chief Executive, Martin Glenn, who was forced to apologise for an offensive comment in relation to the FA’s rule banning political symbols.

An open front door with a key

More needs to change to tackle lack of housing

Today, Prime Minister Theresa May made a speech to the National Planning Conference in which she said the existing National Planning Policy Framework will be overhauled.

Father and child

The Loneliness of Young Fathers

In this article Esmée Hanna, author of Supporting Young Men as Fathers, explores how groups can help young men who are fathers to become less isolated.

Leeds Beckett University Dr Esmée Hanna
NOW photo1

Ending weight stigma and discrimination in 2018

Stigmatisation and discrimination based on characteristics such as sex, ethnicity and mental health has become less acceptable in the UK.

Shuttershock. The Conversation.

Swedish death cleaning: how to declutter your home and life

There has been a trend in recent years, both in literature and in life, for Scandinavian concepts that are encapsulated in a single word. Hygge, for example – which is Danish for cosiness, contentment or well-being – dominated the publishing industry in 2016.

Where in the world!

Dr Alison Iredale , Course Director at Carnegie School of Education, talks about the success of the Distance Learning PGCE.

NOW Blog 5

The importance of using a whole systems approach to obesity

In the last of our blogs to mark National Obesity Awareness Week, Dr Duncan Radley, Matt Butler and Joanna Saunders from Leeds Beckett University discuss why we need to use a whole systems approach to tackle obesity.

Blog 4- proximity

Obesogenic Environments: Does Proximity Matter?

In the fourth of our blogs to mark National Obesity Awareness Week, Dr Claire Griffiths, Adele Morrin and Alex Christensen from Leeds Beckett University discuss whether proximity matters when it comes to tackling obesity.

Man running

Public health policy and campaigns; health promotion, without the stigma

In the third of our blogs to mark National Obesity Awareness Week, Dr Stuart Flint, Rebecca Smith and Maddie Sweetman from Leeds Beckett University discuss eliminating weight stigma and discrimination in health promotion campaigns.

NOW photo1

Lack of funding for weight management services

In the second of our blogs to mark National Obesity Awareness Week, James Nobles and Professor Paul Gately from Leeds Beckett University and Carol Weir from MoreLife discuss the lack of funding for weight management services

Mother and child eating

Importance of healthy nutrition in early childhood obesity prevention

In the first of our blogs to mark National Obesity Awareness Week, Professor Pinki Sahota and Dr Sara Ahern from Leeds Beckett University discuss the importance of healthy nutrition in childhood and how early adoption of good habits can set children up for life.


Will the lack of diversity in the events industry be addressed in 2018?

In today's Beckett Trends post, Dr Kate Dashper, Reader in the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, looks at the lack of diversity in the events industry and if diversity in senior positions will be addressed in 2018.


Poor retention = restless, agitated students: Discuss.

In today’s Beckett Trends post, Professor Jim McKenna, Professor of Sport at Carnegie School of Sport, looks at addiction and how it applies to our daily lives.

The Dome of Rock in Jerusalem

What impact will Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel have?

Here, Professor Dorina-Maria Buda, who is currently in Israel and Palestinian territories, reflects on how tourism has been affected in Jerusalem, following the USA President’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

virtual reality

Five digital trends to look out for in Higher Education in 2018

In today's Beckett Trends post, Simon Thomson, Head of Digital Pedagogy in the Centre for Learning and Teaching, looks ahead to what digital trends we should look out for in Higher Education in 2018.

A phone being held up recording a music event

Is the party over? Local events and festivals in times of austerity

In today's Beckett Trends post, Professor Emma Wood looks forward to the future of the events industry in times of cuts and austerity. Is the party over?

Nintendo games console

What makes a terrible video game?

In this blog, Gamer and Senior Lecturer Lee Stocks, Course Leader of Games Design in the School of Computing, Creative Technologies and Engineering, looks at what makes a video game terrible.

Professor Jonathan Glazzard

Children's mental health a government priority for 2018

In today's Beckett Trends post, Professor Jonathan Glazzard looks ahead to 2018, which will see the government's newly-published green paper on children's mental health put into action. How will it benefit our schools?

Dr Henry Irving

What the Second World War can teach us about recycling in 2018

This week, we are launching our 'Beckett Trends' blog series. Every day we will be bringing you expert insight from our academics into the trends and issues we expect to see hitting the headlines in 2018.

Jonathan Glazzard

Carnegie School of Education responds to Government Green Paper on children's mental health

In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Glazzard, Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education, responds to the proposals in the Government Green Paper, 'Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Provision'.

Trinity Leeds shopping centre

Black Friday - many in, some out

In this blog post, Dr Dong Hoang, Research Fellow at the Leeds Beckett Business School, reflects on Black Friday and why some retailers decide to opt out.


Peaky Blinders and Gang Related Histories

As the fourth season of the BBC drama, Peaky Blinders, gets underway, we look back to a blog post from Professor Heather Shore which was published as the first series got underway...

Dr Gary Walker

Rethinking reasons behind lower educational outcomes of looked after children

In this blog post, originally posted on the British Educational Research Association (BERA) blog, Dr Gary Walker, Principal Lecturer in the Carnegie School of Education, examines the issue of lower educational attainments in looked after children.

Dr Kris Southby

Supporting adults with high-functioning autism through advice, information, and mentoring: a little goes a long way

In this blog post, Dr Kris Southby, Research Officer in the Centre for Health Promotion Research, reflects on his recent evaluation of the Leeds Autism AIM service.

Students on Lille trip

Sustainable regeneration brought to life in Lille

In this post, Dr Lindsay Smales, Senior Lecturer in Planning, Housing and Geography, looks back at the recent student field trip to take in sustainable regeneration projects in Lille.

Two active lifestyles students

Gender, PE and Active Lifestyles

In this blog post, Dr Annette Stride reflects on a recent conference held at Leeds Beckett which explored young people’s experiences of physical education, sport, health and active lifestyles.

Rugby Union at Leeds Beckett University

Sport Injury: Tackling Life in a Competitive Society

In this blog post, Stephen Wagg, Professor of Sport and Society in the Carnegie School of Sport, reflects on the recent debate over injuries incurred by junior rugby players.

International intelligence exchange

In this blog post, Dr Simon Hale-Ross from Leeds Law School at Leeds Beckett, reacts to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech made recently in Florence, with a focus on international intelligence exchange.

Time to stop weight stigma in UK national newspapers

In this blog post, Dr Stuart Flint, Senior Research Fellow in the Carnegie School Of Sport, reflects on the dangers of weight stigma by UK national newspapers.

A running shoe being tied

Physical inactivity in adults: is it time to move away from shock tactics?

Public Health England has today released a new report on inactivity levels in 40 to 60 year olds. In this blog post, Stephen Zwolinsky and Professor Jim McKenna ask whether using shock tactics is effective in helping people to change their activity levels?

Healthy Ageing. Is it all in the legs?

In this blog post, Dr Peter Francis, Senior Lecturer in the School of Clinical & Applied Sciences, reflects on his recent publications exploring poor muscle health and aging.

Dr Caroline Bligh

Groundbreaking seminar on Care Experienced Young People

Last month, a seminar was held at Leeds Beckett University to share research and expertise around care experienced young people’s education and wellbeing. In this blog post, Dr Caroline Bligh reflects on the impact of the day.

Arthur France and Emily Zobel Marshall

Celebrating Caribbean Carnival Culture in Leeds

This May, a three-day international conference to celebrate Caribbean carnival culture was held at Leeds Beckett University for the first time. In this blog post, conference organiser, Dr Emily Zobel Marshall, looks back on the success of the event whilst looking forward to the future of Caribbean carnival culture research at the University.

ALDinHE presentation

How do we make distance learning the best it can be?

In this post, Lyn Farrell, Online Learning Tutor at Leeds Beckett University, shares her experience of hosting a northern conference, bringing together expertise to ensure the best experience for higher education distance learners.


The contribution of green spaces to health and wellbeing

In this blog post Jenny Woodward, Research Fellow, Centre for Health Promotion Research and Dr Eric Brymer, Reader in the Carnegie School of Sport, reflect on a recent conference which discussed the contribution of green spaces to health and wellbeing.


National Writing Day: mapping the region’s stories

In this blog post Dr Rachel Connor, Course Director in the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities reflects on a recent event held at Leeds Beckett to celebrate National Writing Day.

Protecting parks for public health: why bother?

Matthew Hobbs is a PhD Candidate at Leeds Beckett University studying the built environment and its relationship with obesity. He is also a Lecturer in Physical Activity, Exercise and Health at Leeds Trinity University. In this blog post, he outlines his current research which explores the importance of parks for public health.

 Matthew Hobbs

Partnerships in Health and Well-being: A Focus on Leeds

In this blog post Karl Witty, Team Lead for Community Partnership, reflects on the focus of partnerships in health and well-being in Leeds.

Leeds Beckett University Karl Witty
Alfred Chinta

Changing role of CSR and Sustainability reporting in Supply Chain Organisations

In this blog post Dr Aldred Chinta, Course Director in Leeds Business School, looks at the changing role of CSR and Sustainability reporting in Supply Chain Organisations & role of Enterprise Information.

Alfred Chinta

Brexit is an opportunity to revisit strategy for supply chains

In this blog post Dr Aldred Chinta, Course Director in Leeds Business School, looks at the impact of Brexit on international supply chains

Football Welcomes Refugees

This weekend the broadcast and print media gave coverage to the Football Welcomes campaign. Amnesty International won the support of over 20 professional football clubs to mark the 80th anniversary of the Guernica bombing. Importantly though, the campaign extends to grassroots football and the press release from Amnesty featured the work of Yorkshire St Pauli in Leeds.

Leeds Beckett University Professor Jonathan Long

Social Science and the Emerging Strategies for Industry and Research

On Tuesday 21 March, the Yorkshire Chapter of the Academy of Social Sciences held a meeting at the University of Leeds. Jonathan Long, Professor in the Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure at Leeds Beckett University, and Brendan Gough, Professor of Social Psychology in the University’s Centre for Men’s Health, attended the meeting and share their reflections in this post.

Brendan Gough Professor Brendan Gough
Leeds Beckett University Professor Jonathan Long

‘My tongue is the blast of a gun!’ On the Road with the Midnight Robbers

In this blog post, Dr Emily Zobel Marshall, Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Literature, tells the story of her recent research visit to Trinidad where she immersed herself in the culture and history of the traditional masquerade (mas), the Midnight Robber.

Beyond targets and tick boxes: The challenge is set to create sustainable organisational change to support greater equality

A new report this week by Women in Sport has shown that the number of women getting top jobs at UK sporting bodies is down by 6% since 2014 and that around half of the 68 Sport England and UK Sport-funded national governing bodies have fewer than 30% of non-executive director roles filled by women. In today's blog post, Dr Leanne Norman, Senior Research Fellow in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett, gives her views on what needs to be done to go 'Beyond 30%'.

Why we need PR

Richard Bailey FCIPR MPRCA reflects on changes to the public relations industry over the last quarter of a century, ahead of Leeds Beckett's celebration of 25 years of PR education.


Politics and business: who is governing whom?

Professor Simon Robinson, Director of the Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett, discusses the relationship between business and politics.

Reputation, reputation I ha’ lost my reputation: Beauty contest or integrity?

Professor Simon Robinson, Director of the Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett, shares his thoughts on how businesses communicate their ethical identities.

Learning Together in prison: An innovative approach to education through inclusivity

This month, prisoners at HMP Full Sutton enrolled as students at Leeds Beckett University and are taking part in a new degree-level programme within the prison, alongside Leeds Beckett Criminology students. In this blog post, Shaun Williamson, Head of Reducing Reoffending at HMP Full Sutton, explains why this is such an important development for prison education.

 Shaun Williamson

Six ways to stop boys being left behind in the classroom

In UK school exams – GSCEs and A-levels – girls outperform boys in nearly all subjects. The STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – are the only subjects in which boys can often still score the same as girls in GCSEs.

Can research students do participatory research?

This week, the first edition of Research For All journal has been published - a new journal for people interested in public engagement with research. Dr Kris Southby, a Research Officer in the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Beckett, has contributed an article for the journal, reflecting on his experience of conducting participatory research as a research degree student. In this blog post, Dr Southby discusses this issue, breaking down the benefits of participatory research as well as its challenges.

More than just a feel good factor? The relationships between sport and the arts

The final seminar in a series of three that brought together academics, professionals and practitioners from across the country to examine the potential economic, social and cultural benefits of integrating sport and the arts, recently took place in Leeds at the Carnegie Pavilion in Headingley. In this post, Professor Jonathan Long, co-leader of the national research network behind the seminars, reports on the insights gathered so far.

Leeds Beckett University Professor Jonathan Long

Trump, inauguration and impeachment

In this blog post Andrew Morton, part-time lecturer in Politics and International Relations (PIR) looks ahead to Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President on Friday.


‘Shared society’ and the ‘business case’

Mrs May has begun to develop her ideas about justice and fairness. There were hints of these when she first became prime minister, and they keep resurfacing. The strapline at the heart of these is ‘shared society’, which seems to be an attempt to articulate both the importance of ‘fairness’ in society and at the same time the importance of individual responsibility in contributing to social care. Her stress on mental health underlines this theme. I want to focus on three things in this blog: the provenance of these ideas; the motivation behind their appearance; and the place of business in this ‘shared society’.

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