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Dr Nasser Hussain

About Dr Nasser Hussain

Nasser has a variety of writing and research interests, revolving around contemporary poetry and poetics, embodiment and performance, and creative writing. Current foci include autobiography, Conceptual writing, the ethics of appropriation, and a number of writing projects that seek to find and recuperate 'lost' fragments of language, including SKYWRITEINGS - a work that composes poetry from IATA airport codes.

Transforming the power of language - "Words are the raw material of culture." - Dr Nasser Hussain, School of Cultural Studies and Humanities

Current Teaching

  • Poetry (Level 4)
  • Critical Reading (Level 4)
  • Theory into Practice (Level 5)
  • Creative Writing (Level 6)

Research Interests

Current projects include:

  • 'Playing with Playing with Fire' - an experiment in autobiography.
  • 'SKYWRITEINGS' - poetry that conflates the semantic, the poetic, and the geographical.
  • 'The Life of Form' - a project in which I compose autobiographical poems about poets who have created specific forms (the sestina, the pantoum, etc), in the form that they created.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (1)

  • Hussain NS (2009), Performing Ketjak: The theater of the observed. Postmodern Culture, vol. 20 (1)

Chapters (1)

  • Hussain N (2014) Bodies of Information: Cross Border Poetics in the 21st Century. In: Hussain N Parallel Encounters Culture at the Canada-US Border. : Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, pp. .

Lectures (1)

  • Hussain N (2014), The Work of Criticism.

Performances (1)

  • Hussain N (In press), Next Generation Poets National Tour.

Websites (1)

  • Hussain N (In press), Nasser Hussain: Why the Open Mic is the Best Part of Poetry.
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