Professor Jayne Raisborough, Professor

Professor Jayne Raisborough


Jayne Raisborough asks how media representations and mediated cultures relate to ‘citizenship’, identities, and our feeling about our selves and bodies. She explores how old, fat and marginalized selves appear as trouble to argue that these representations matter to our well-being, health, our relations to each other and to the environment.

Research Interests

Jayne Raisborough’s work broadly focuses on two questions: who can we be and how can we live in prevailing socio-economic contexts? These questions are explored across a range of journal articles and her most recent books: Lifestyle Media and the Formation of the Self (2011 Palgrave) and Fat Bodies, Health and the Media (2016 Palgrave). She has explored, published and taught on media/ cultural representations of social class, gender, ethical consumption, litter and more recently anti-ageing and women’s gun ownership. While these sites are diverse, they each represent specific manifestations of ‘responsiblised’ citizenship and allow insight into a cultural shaping of new subjectivities. She is interested in what is enabled and enacted through this responsiblization and shaping - particularly because these activities relate to prevailing neoliberal rationalities.

Professor Jayne Raisborough, Professor

Selected Outputs

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