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Finding and the ‘lost’

Over seven hundred items added to the master list of mainly books from the West Yorkshire Society of Architects Library, Leeds School of Architecture Library and some items that form the Leeds College of Art Collection.

I have been able to gather a great deal of information about the items in the collections. Along the way comparing and collating with various lists and card catalogues. This should help us provide accurate and useful finding aids for these collections in the future.

By word of mouth we have had two visitors recently to see the Leeds College of Art Collection, with others expressing an interest in seeing what is available and how the collection has been organised. Using the preliminary descriptions and finding aids, these users were able to find what they needed for their research. They found the collection to have some useful material in it. But I can’t help wonder how much more has survived unrecorded in drawers, offices and private collections. It would be of great benefit to locate this ‘lost’ material and connect it with our collections either physically or intellectually by recording its existence in a finding aid.

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By Dr Keith Rowntree
07 Mar 2019
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