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CollectivED The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning aims to expand the available knowledge base on coaching, mentoring and collaborative professional development through research and develop new approaches to active knowledge exchange.

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CollectivED: The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching & Professional Learning is a research and practice centre based in The Carnegie School of Education. We form a community of professionals, academics and students with shared interests. Our aims are to;

  • Encourage and enable collaborative conversations which create powerful professional learning
  • Build capacity of educators to create contexts which support inclusive career-long and profession-wide learning
  • Remove barriers to professional development
  • Increase opportunities for educational change through enhanced professional agency and well-being

Our research

Our research relates to formal and informal professional learning and practice in all sectors of education.

Our research focuses on:

  • Teacher education and professional learning at all career stages
  • Learning through mentoring, coaching, digital pedagogies, workplace and interprofessional practices
  • Teachers’ and leaders’ professionalism, identity, wellbeing, self-efficacy and agency
  • Educational policy and partnership


Our new award will enable educational providers to make coaching, mentoring and professional learning a guided strategic priority for school development. The award will focus on the creation of an implementation plan which will guide the whole school community through a process of building the skills and knowledge needed to bring about whole school improvements in coaching, mentoring and professional learning.

The award will provide a framework to evidence initiatives that work towards demonstrating a commitment towards excellent practice by making coaching, mentoring and professional learning a part of your core business. You will work with an allocated coach to create a personalised action plan for your organisation.

Together, you will develop a portfolio of evidence for your school set against the competencies of the framework, your evidence will then be verified against bronze, silver or gold levels. 

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Should you wish to complete the award, please complete this form: CollectivED Award booking form.


  • Amanda Bennett
  • Andrew Mears
  • Andy Mellor
  • Bethan Hindley
  • Charmaine Roche
  • Jackie Moses
  • James Pope
  • Katie Chedzey
  • Kelly Ashley
  • Liz Dawson
  • Lou Mycroft
  • Mhairi Beaton
  • Natasha Armitage Evans
  • Peter Hall-Jones
  • Rose Blackman-Hegan
  • Stefanie Wilkinson

Research outputs

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