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Promoting inclusive and creative learning in education through story.

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We believe that the stories we create, and share should celebrate diversity, promote global citizenship and critical thinking.

Story Makers Company was established in 2017 by academics, teachers and artists concerned with the lack of creative opportunities for young people inside and outside school, particularly those from socially underrepresented and economically disadvantaged communities

Our academic and practice-based research focuses on creative learning in education, researching with and alongside children through the use of drama and creative writing. In collaboration with children, teachers, artist educators, education leaders, cultural and community groups we seek to create meaningful learning which relates to children’s lived experiences. We aim to challenge policy which advocates narrowing curricula and the marginalization of the arts, in addressing issues which support the holistic learning and wellbeing of children.

Our research aims to advance knowledge of the ways creative processes work and in which creative learning can support young people and equip them with the capabilities for living and thriving together in a changing world.

We seek to work with educational and arts professionals from across the sector from early years to further education, empowering them to create imaginative and creative learning and curricula. This approach to education aims to reengage young learners by building their confidence, developing their emotional literacy, critical thinking and creating an imaginative community they can belong to. Through our research and CPD we create learning resources for and with schools which advocate an integrated curriculum approach to learning. We also work with theatre, drama practitioners, children’s authors and illustrators.

  1. We are committed to nurturing a love of story for and with children.

  2. We are committed to developing opportunities for marginalised young people.

  3. We work in partnership with children and artistic partners as co- researchers to capture work that is already happening.

  4. We work in an organic way which is not predetermined by goals.

Empirical Research

Changing landscapes of arts practice in schools:

  • Teacher Development Fund - Empowering Voice: Working across 8 schools alongside teachers and artists in the BD5 area in Bradford, the 2-year project looks at building children’s oracy and communication skills through drama. This involves supporting teacher’s and artists to integrate creative learning across the curriculum through an online ‘story exchange.’
  • Arted: Running across 3 years, this is a trans-European ERASMUS+ funded project which seeks to transfer the knowledge of artists to teachers and parents in order to boost children's wellbeing and creativity
  • Creative Therapy to Impact on Urban Health: There is a lack of capacity and expertise in Lambeth, Brixton Learning Collaborative and Oval Learning to support children experiencing poor mental health in schools. Over the next year, in partnership with schools, communities and specialists across this demographic, Lisa Stephenson and Nicole Gridley will evaluate the impact of creative therapies across 20 schools in this area.

Future Literacies (Re-imagining Home, Museum of Legends and Common Ground Project): Rethinking the curriculum through online storying work with schools and communities. 

  • Re-imagining Home: This project was designed to provide a creative space for Story Rebels to make stories and fictional histories together using music, words, images, objects and materials through the pandemic.
  • Museum of Legends: Story Makers Company partnered with CRED at Leeds Beckett University and Project Ujima to co-create a virtual Museum of Legends with young people from Chapeltown in Leeds.
  • Common Ground Project : This award from Common Ground Common Ground – re-connecting young people with their heritage extends the Story Makers Reimagining Home and Museum of Legends projects, creating a new immersive online storying space for Ipswich Museum alongside the young people in care at Volunteering Matters.

Story Makers Press: The Story Makers Press uses drama and storytelling with children in order to get them to explore different narratives with us, which we then aim to transform into engaging fiction books.

Gathering transformative practices: Story Makers Dialogues is our shared practice working paper, Story Makers Hub is our shared space to create and articulate new artist-teacher practices, Story Makers Festival is our shared event to share practice and research



Creative Learning: Ethical Citizenship Award has been designed to facilitate an ethical curriculum in school. The award supports leaders and teams in schools and other educational settings, to develop a whole school culture of creative learning and ethical citizenship through the art.  

 Using a developmental framework schools will evaluate their current creative teaching practices and pedagogy, identify gaps, develop, and strengthen these and work towards a commitment to creative learning for their whole school community. 

 The award recognises the value that a creative learning community can have for both staff and pupils and the benefits and impact that the arts, culture, and creativity can have in developing meaningful and relevant learning opportunities for inclusion, sustainable thinking and the positive wellbeing of young people in 21st Century learning. 

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Postgraduate study

We are committed to developing creative academic pathways and courses with our MA Drama and Creative Writing in Education and Professional Doctorate in Education. Our MA Drama and Creative Practice in Education draws directly from our practice- based research and placements are facilitated through Story Makers.

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Study for a research degree at Leeds Beckett and you'll join a thriving academic community in an inspiring and supportive environment.

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  • Daniel Ingram Brown (PhD) – Exploring adoption through creative writing and participatory research
  • Jeanne Dickinson (PhD) - An Exploration into the Impact of Dramatherapy Techniques with children aged 11-13 in a Guernsey Secondary School Drama Class
  • Susan Rook (EdD) – Using drama to develop children’s reading comprehension

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