Carnegie applied rugby research

Carnegie Applied Rugby Research (CARR) brings together researchers and practitioners with expertise in coaching, strength and conditioning, sport science and player development.

We apply innovative scientific and analytical techniques to answer real-world problems.

who we work with

Working with rugby union and rugby league professional clubs, international and national governing bodies, as well as sports technology companies, the CARR centre is increasing the effectiveness of talent identification and development strategies, while improving player performance, welfare, alongside reducing the risk of injury.

Outputs and Recognition


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  • RFL Profiling Tool 

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  • RFL Testimonial (Dave Rotheram; Chief On-Field Officer)
  • RFU Testimonial (John Lawn; Head of Game Development)
  • Ben Lazenby interview (Yorkshire RU Academy; Academy Manager) 
  • England Rugby League Testimonial (Kevin Sinfield; Rugby Director and Head of England Performance Unit)
  • England Rugby Union Testimonial (Jonathan Pendlebury; England Rugby Union Under 18s Head Coach)
  • UK Coaching Report: Leeds Rhinos Late Maturer Development Programme (Published Sept 2019) 

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Dr Ben Jones

Rugby players have unique psychological and nutritional requirements, given the demands of the sport. Our work is used to support both senior and developing rugby players enhance their performance and overall wellbeing.