How much will my course cost?

The tuition fee for your course will vary depending on which level you want to study - whether this is pre-sessional, foundation undergraduate or postgraduate.

The cost can also depend on which course you want to study. For example, some of our postgraduate courses vary in price. See our table below for our tuition fee costs for January 2020 and September 2020:

 Course Annual Tuition Fees (Non-EU)   Annual Tuition Fees (EU)
 Pre-sessional five weeks  £1,150 £1,150 
 Pre-sessional ten weeks  £2,300 £2,300 
 Foundation  £11,000  £9,250
 Undergraduate/Bachelors (most courses)  £12,000  £9,250
 Postgraduate/Masters (most courses)  £13,000 to £14,000  £5,950 to £7,500
 Research  £14,000  £4,260

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Funding your course

There are ways you may be able to fund your course. Sometimes it is possible to get sponsorship from a government body in your country. There are many different options, so have a look through the links carefully to see if they apply to you. 


EU Student?

If you are from the EU you may be able to apply for a student loan to cover the cost of your undergraduate or postgraduate course.

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Paying your course fees

  1. Pay a minimum of 50% of your first-year tuition fees to Leeds Beckett University,


    send a copy of your official sponsor letter to Sponsored students are usually sponsored by a government, employer or another official organisation. You are not a sponsored student if a family member or friend is providing you with financial assistance.

  2. Pay the remainder of your course fees within three months of starting your course.

Alumni Discount

A 10% discount on your first-year tuition fee is available if you have graduated with a Leeds Beckett undergraduate degree and register for one of our postgraduate courses.

To find out whether you are eligible for this discount, please read our conditions for further information and contact

Living Costs

In addition to tuition fees, we recommend that you prepare a budget to cover other costs, including accommodation, food, transport and social activities. Please see below guidance for further information.

Living Costs - Per month example*

Accommodation  £750
 Food  £120
 Other costs (phone, clothes, socialising)  £145
 One Month  £1,015

*Living expenses are estimated and dependent on your lifestyle

Using the above as an example, the estimated living costs for one academic year would be £9,135.

If you're applying for a Tier 4 Student Visa, you will need to show that you have enough money in your bank account to pay your living costs for one year. Additionally, if you have paid 50% of your tuition fees, you will need to show that you have the funds to pay for the remaining amount. Please see the links below for further guidance on your finances.

†You will need to show the UK Visa and Immigration office that you have enough funds to cover your living costs up to a maximum of nine months, a total of £9,135. Visit Applying for Your Visa for more information.