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funding your studies

Money is something that worries a lot of people, but it really doesn’t have to. Our guide to funding your studies will give you all the information you need about student finance, what's available and what you'll need to do.

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The idea of applying for student finance can often seem like an overwhelming prospect, but if started early it doesn’t have to be too daunting.

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Funding your undergraduate degree A handy quick guide to student finance and managing your money.

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A great place to find out about financing your studies is the Gov.UK student finance website. You can find all you need to know about fees, loans, bursaries and grants, if you qualify for student finance and how to apply for it. If you've already had some experience of living independently, you'll probably have a good idea of what your living costs are. If you're not sure, visit the UCAS website for more information on how to plan your budget.

Our Student Money team is also on hand to offer free, confidential and impartial advice on funding, budgeting and debt to ensure you have access to the information you need.

Applying for Funding

Applications for student funding for the 2023/24 academic year are now open. Please check Gov.Uk - Apply online for student finance for updates.

You don’t need a confirmed place at university or college to apply, just use your preferred choice and update it if it changes. It is best to submit your application as soon as possible to ensure you have an idea of what your finances will be as a student. It takes at least six weeks to process your application. If your application is late, your money might be too. Early applications will also help to ensure your first funding instalment is ready for release to you when we confirm your enrolment.

If you're unsure how to apply or about any aspect of the application process give our team a call on 0113 812 3113, we're happy to answer any questions you might have!

Fees and loans


Tuition fees for new undergraduate students in the 2022/23 academic year are £9,250.

Tuition fees for undergraduate students

For most full-time undergraduate courses starting in 2023/24 the annual fees are £9,250. Fees for part-time undergraduate courses are usually a proportion of the full-time fee depending on the number of modules studied. Whether full-time or part-time, if you're an eligible UK or EU student and you are successful in securing a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company you won't have to pay any tuition fees upfront.

Placement Fees

From 2020, all undergraduate students joining our university to study a course available in the ‘sandwich mode’, where they enter a placement year between their second and final year of studies, will be charged a fee for that placement equivalent to 15% of their standard annual tuition fee (please note, this does not apply to courses that are NHS and TDA funded). 

Tuition fee loans (UK & eligible EU students only)

What is the tuition fee loan?

Tuition fee loans are available for most students to cover the cost of your tuition fees. The Student Loans Company will pay this directly to the university. The amount of your tuition fee loan is not affected by your household income.

Part-time students

You may be able to get a tuition fee loan if your part-time course has a course intensity of 25% or more.

‘Course intensity’ measures how much of your course you complete each year compared to an equivalent full-time course. This is calculated based on the number of credits you study each year. For example: If a full-time student was expected to study 120 credits per year and a part-time student was expected to study 30 credits per year then the ‘course intensity’ would be 25% as 30 is one quarter of 120*.

Most courses are designed so that part-time students are expected to study at least 25% of the course that full-time students would study each year. However, if you have any questions, please speak to our Admissions team on

*Please note that not all courses which are eligible for funding consist of 120 per level so the number of credits a part-time student is required to study may be greater than 30 to reach the 25% intensity threshold.

Tuition fee loan

The loan is paid directly to your university or college and you will have to pay it back:

  • Full-time students can currently borrow up to £9,250 each academic year
  • Part-time students can currently borrow up to £6,935 each academic year

Maintenance loans

Full-time students

In addition to the tuition fee loan, you can apply for a maintenance loan to help pay for your living costs (food, travel, accommodation etc). It is paid each year in three instalments, one in each term.

How much you can borrow depends on the year of your course, where you live, your household income, your age and whether you can claim welfare benefits.

The maximum amount of loan you can receive to study at Leeds Beckett in 2023/24 is £9,706, if you live away from home, and £8,171, if you live at home. See table for breakdown of loan amounts.

Part-time students

If you are starting a part-time course in 2023, you may also be eligible for a Maintenance Loan. How much you will receive will depend on where you live while you are studying, your household income and your course intensity.

Student living away from home Student living at home
Income Loan
(maximum £9,706)
Income Loan
(maximum £8,171)
£25,000 £9,706 £25,000 £8,171
£30,000 £9,012 £30,000  £7,484
£35,000 £8,318 £35,000 £6,796
£40,000 £7,623 £40,000 £6,108
£45,000 £6,929 £45,000 £5,420
£50,000 £6,234 £50,000 £4,733
Over £62,311 £4,524 Over £58,253 £3,597

How student loan repayment works

You will only start to make repayments on your student loan once you are earning a salary over £27,295. You will repay nine per cent (9%) of any earnings over £27,295 per year. See our loan repayments table* for some examples of loan repayment rates.

Loan repayments

 Annual income before tax Annual Repayment  Monthly repayment
Up to £27,295 £0 £0
£28,295 £90 £9
£30,000 £244 £20
£40,000 £1,144 £95
£50,000 £2,044 £170
£60,000 £2,944 £245
£100,000  £6,544  £545 

*Loan repayment information is representative. Repayment rates may be subject to changes beyond our control.

Additional funding for university

Some people may be eligible for additional funding available from Leeds Beckett and/or the government. Check our scholarships and bursaries page to find out more about what is available and who is eligible.

Healthcare Degrees

Now fully funded through the Student Loans Company, you can receive a maintenance loan and a tuition fee loan. You can also apply to the NHS Learning Support Fund.

If you already have a degree, you can still get the tuition fee loan and maintenance loan to study a pre-registration healthcare course (undergraduate or postgraduate), or a PGCE. Students with a degree can get a maintenance loan only for an undergraduate Social Work or Architecture degree.

If you are studying Social Work, your funding may potentially change as you progress through your course. In year one, you can apply for the standard Maintenance Loan and Tuition Fee Loan. In your second and third years, you can also apply for a Social Work bursary from the NHS.

Find out more about NHS funded courses.

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Take your next steps

If you're interested in joining us and want to know more about the application process, your chosen course or what to expect when you get here, there's lots of ways to get in touch. You can call or email our Admissions team, chat to one of our amazing Student Ambassadors or stay in touch by providing us with a few contact details to get all the latest information about courses, events and student life!