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With so many major challenges still to face, our excellent academic community works with a range of partners and collaborators to make a difference. Together, our work makes scientific advancements, ensures future generations are heathier, and inequalities are tackled.

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By Dr Darren Hill + 2 more
22 Nov 2022
Dr Rachael Kelley

Working to improve care and support for people living with dementia

Health promotion research is the perfect place for me, as it allows me to apply my skills to developing innovative research methods to strengthen the evidence base on community-level interventions to tackle health inequalities. In health promotion, we champion a social model of health and wellbeing, with the focus on ‘upstream’ social determinants such as employment, education, income and the places that we live, work and age, rather than ‘downstream’ determinants such as individual behaviour change.

Kris Southby

"I am proud that the research work I do can make a difference to supporting health and wellbeing in the real world."

Headshot of Laura Booi

"I am interested in helping individuals who are cognitive diverse, such as with dementia, find ways to support their own independence and wellbeing."

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