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connecting WITH OUR VALUES 

Inclusive, Teamwork, Integrity, Pragmatism, Ambition, Purposeful

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Our values have a direct impact on everybody in our community, from colleagues with decades of service, to students having their first thoughts about studying here.

Our values shape our culture, they give us clarity, consistency, and a common purpose. They help others know what to expect from us and help us to welcome new colleagues. Whether we’re experiencing a period of stability or living through uncertain times, our values are a touchpoint which helps to guide our interactions and decisions. 

Having a shared set of values can help us to connect with each other and to contribute to the communities both within the university and the wider area.

Our values are part of our DNA as an institution.  We want to build our understanding of what the values mean for everyone at LBU, and how they will influence their work and our success.

Connecting our values

Now is the time to bring the LBU values to life through our work, as individuals, as teams or as part of the wider university.

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What can I do next?

There are lots of ways that you can get involved:

  • Join our MS Teams to keep updated and share your views.  You can also read about other colleagues’ experiences here and share what the values mean to you. You could share an example of how you’ve seen the values bought to life.  You might leave a short story or share a photo which captures our values in action  
  • Download our Values Toolkit, with more on why being a values-led organisation matters, and how our values can help us in the delivery of our work.  The Toolkit also contains ideas and activities for bringing our values to life in teams.
  • Get in touch with our team to share your ideas on how we can embed the values into our colleague experience of working here; such as recruitment and induction
  • Your PDR is also a natural opportunity for conversations about our values and how they connect with your work.  Our Preparing for My PDR Guide can help you get started, visit the PDR webpage for further guidance
  • You may wish to keep the values conversation alive in your teams by downloading our printable poster and displaying in a prominent position within your work area.
  • Please make time to contribute to these conversations in any way you can, every voice is important.
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How our values were formed

Our colleagues have been and will remain central to forming our values. 

The conversation began when our Senior Management Group were asked to engage with teams to provide feedback and ideas around potential organisational values. 

This was followed by an all-colleague email from the Vice Chancellor asking colleagues for their input.

After receiving responses from across the university, the University Executive Team agreed on a finalised set of values.
They were later announced in an email to all colleagues from the Vice Chancellor.

what if my personal values are different?

Every colleague has their own set of values, unique to their background, relationships and experiences of life and work.  We wouldn’t expect you to adopt LBU’s shared values as your own in all aspects of your life. 

We would, however, like you to think about your own personal values and to identify any similarities. In this way, you can make a connection with what is important to you as an individual and bring this to your contributions at work.