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The Centre for Applied Social Research (CeASR) is a university-wide Research Centre which orchestrates interdisciplinary research across the social sciences in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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24 Feb 2022

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CeASR has two networks reflecting our research environment.

Our recent research students, thesis titles and supervision team

  • Margot Avella: Analysis of the behavioural features of serial rapists within the French context. Dr Jackie De Wet, Dr Tom Cockcroft
  • Katie Ismay:How has the far right influenced British Identity in West Yorkshire? Dr Waqas Tufail, Dr Lisa Long
  • Ruth Knapton: Promoting desistance? the experiences of mentors and earners engaged in the Shannon Trust Reading Plan in prisons. Dr Tom Cockcroft, Dr Katie Dhingra
  • Jennifer McCloy: The Imprisoned Storyteller: Women, Vulnerability and Resilience. Dr Bill Davies, Dr Paula Singleton
  • Harry Podmore: ‘Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) Among Transgender Individuals’. Dr Katie Dhingra and Dr Tom Cockcroft
  • Fabiya Toluwalase: Social media and online peer relations. The Influence on criminal behaviour among young people in the UK. Dr Tom Cockcroft, Dr Chris Till
  • Amy Towle: Distinguishing ex-prisoners who think about suicide from  those who attempt suicide: a test of the Integrated-Motivational Volitional (IMV) theory of suicidal behaviour. Dr Katie Dhingra, Dr Tom Cockcroft

  • Herbert Awuor: Paradox of Ambiguities and Messiness: State Institutions of Human Rights in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and the Lessons from Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Guatemala. Professor Rachel Julian and Dr Maria O’Reilly
  • Elliott Chapman: The EU’s role in worker’s rights transformation in post-Soviet states. Dr Sophia Price and Dr Chris Byrne
  • Lucy Adams: A critical analysis of genocide education and memorialisation in the UK and the role of charities and third sector organisations in creating cohesive communities. Professor Rachel Julian, Dr Maria O’Reilly and Dr Linda Asquith
  • Salah Ali: From Victims to Peacebuilders: Transforming the Role of Religious and Ethnic Minority Groups in Iraq. Professor Rachel Julian, Dr Steve Willott
  • Christopher Anozie: Managing International Development Aid in Nigeria; Challenges of Accountability. Dr Sophia Price
  • Masuda Bhatti: Is the conflict between identities (Bengali/Bangladeshi, ethnic, religious) in Bangladesh causing a long-term political and societal security risk? Professor Rachel Julian, Dr John Willott
  • Lisa Cumming: ‘Civilian agency in reducing violence in armed conflict’. Professor Rachel Julian and Dr Robin Redhead
  • Chris Goshomi: Sustainability of migrant labour as a human capital asset in subsequent generations of African descent in United Kingdom. Dr Sophia Price, Dr Laura Davies
  • Luis Harrison: From the Post-Political to Social Death: Exploring the Dead Ends of Post-Marxism. Dr Sophia Price
  • Alexandra Platt: “I just want Brexit done.... If I’m honest, Corbyn scares me a bit”: Representations of the ‘ordinary voter’ in broadcast media news during the 2019 British General Election campaign: the shaping of common sense and media. Dr Sophia Price, Dr Chris Byrne
  • James Raven: Repairing inter-organisational trust. Professor Rachel Julian, Dr Robin Redhead
  • Mary Story: Examining how the Censorship of Music has changed, and why? Dr Chris Till, Professor Karl Spracklen
  • Sarah Waite: An exploration of the perceptions and experiences of trust within women serving short term prison sentences. Dr Robin Redhead, Dr Bill Davies
  • Charlotte Webster: Emancipation: The Role of Masculinity, Femininity and Power Structures in understanding Violent Extremism and Shaping Gender-Sensitive Counter-Terrorism Strategies. Professor Rachel Julian, Dr Linda Asquith
  • Ruth Woolsey: Do negative perceptions towards people in poverty soften upon being presented with accurate information on structural barriers to upward social mobility? Professor Rachel Julian, Dr Paul White
  • Colin Webb: Human Trafficking: The intersectionality of international law, Globalisation and State legislation and the increase of the Trafficking of Men, Women, and Children. Prof Rachel Julian and Dr Robin Redhead

  • Christopher Allen: Exploring the integration and use of non-dual consciousness in (relational) psychotherapy: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Dr Elliot Cohen, Dr Steve Taylor
  • Rachel Anderson: Exploring the integration and use of non-dual consciousness in (relational) psychotherapy: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Dr Steve Taylor, Dr Elliot Cohen
  • Trevor Bamford: The 1990’s UK Goth Underground: Resistance, Ritual, Class and Survival. Professor Karl Spracklen, Dr Joseph Ibrahim
  • Vivienne Gaskin: DIY Contemporary Art Experiments: London 1994-2000: Art, Access and Real Life. Professor Karl Spracklen, Professor Jayne Raisborough
  • Zulfquar Khan: ‘What is meant by Self-Love and what role, (if any) do Unitive Mystical Experiences (UME’s) play in developing further, one’s capacity for self-love?’. Dr Steven Taylor and Dr Elliot Cohen
  • Philip Legard: The Occultural Orpheus: Esoteric Musicianship in the 21st Century. Professor Karl Spracklen, Dr Conrad Russell
  • Ashley McAnearney: Bottom of the class: An exploration of the lower middle middle class in higher education. Dr Chris Till, Dr Joseph Ibrahim
  • Stuart Moss: Entrepreneurship amongst independent ‘club’ event promoters and environmental influences upon the development of ‘clubs’ as leisure spaces in Leeds from 1990 to 2020. Professor Karl Spracklen, Dr Chris Till
  • David Procter: Noise of the North: An Ethnographic Study of Scandinavian Noise Music Scenes. Professor Karl Spracklen, Dr Tenley Martin
  • Dennis Thompson: An Investigation into the Nature of Consciousness and the Role Played by the Unconscious. Professor Karl Spracklen, Madeleine Castro
  • Duncan Webb: The extended state pension age: An examination of the perceptions and experiences of employees operating in public sector work environments. Dr Darren Nixon, Dr Trish Holch
  • Shirleecia Ward: An exploration into the experiences of Care Experienced Parents who have had their children removed. Prof Karl Spracklen and Tracey Race

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