At our university there is no place for sexual exploitation, harrassment and abuse, with no exceptions.

What is Support Report Respect?

Leeds Beckett University is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment in which our diverse community can thrive to meet their full potential. There is no place here for behaviour which undermines the dignity and human rights of other members of our Leeds Beckett community. To build a positive, inclusive and nurturing University community, we must all make a personal and positive commitment to upholding the values that underpin that. You can play your part to help to change the culture by taking the pledge, joining us with the range of training and activities available throughout the academic year, and reporting incidents of unacceptable behaviour.  Read our university statement in full here. 

How we can support you

If you, or someone you know, is a student, colleague or visitor of our university, and has experienced harassment, abuse, bullying or sexual violence, you can report this anonymously or through a named report. Including your personal details means a specially trained adviser will contact you to discuss your experience. They will explain your options for accessing support and formally reporting the incident.  

We can also facilitate training for students and colleagues, and work collaboratively on campaigns. You can read more about how you can get involved on our Change the Culture page. 

Become an active participant

change the culture

For our university community to be a positive and inclusive place to study, work and socialise, we must make a personal commitment to uphold the values that underpin that. You can support our effort to change the culture by being an active participant.

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