En-suite or non-suite?

One hot topic when choosing halls is what kind of bathroom to go for. Many of our halls come with en-suite bathrooms as standard but if you’re willing to share then you can save a lot of money (in some cases as much as £20 per week!).

Another benefit of a shared bathroom is that you can set up a cleaning rota, meaning you only have to clean it once every couple of weeks rather than every week. Of course, if you have an en-suite you can clean it as much (or as little) as you like. We recommend you don’t leave it too long between scrubs though if you want to look after your deposit!

Location, Location, Location

Naturally, you want to opt for somewhere convenient for your studies so first off make sure you know which campus will be hosting the bulk of your lectures and seminars. You’ll see on our accommodation pages we list the distance between the sites and our campuses along with a few rough travel time estimates so you can work out the best options for your course.

We often get asked which are the liveliest or quietest halls to be in. While some accommodations have a reputation for being a little more party-orientated than others, it’s going to be the people you live with that make the difference. We can never guarantee anything, but our advice is to leave a note on your application if you’re looking for a particularly lively or quiet flat and we’ll do our best to put you with people who feel the same.

Studio Vs Shared Living

Your university halls is a brilliant opportunity to make some great new friends right out of the gate. Whether they become lifelong mates or just a friendly group of people to share life with as you all settle in, you’ll really appreciate your halls mates as you navigate Freshers’ life together.

If you’re the type who really values their space then you might want to consider a studio. We have a range of studios across our accommodations and they offer everything you need to work, live and study all in one room. You’ll still have all the benefits of living in a university hall, just with a bit more privacy.

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09 Nov 2021
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