What to do on your first night in Leeds

You’ve had your drawn out emotional goodbye with your parents. Your life is packed up in boxes on your bed waiting to find a new home. Armed with a week’s worth of instant pasta and three pizza cutters you’re ready to start your three (or more) years in style. Where to begin?
What to do on your first night in Leeds

Keep your door open

For many students, this will be the first time away from home and it can be tempting to lock yourself away. It’s normal to feel sad or nervous but one of the best ways of dealing with the change is to get stuck in. That means being open to meeting others – remember, they’re all in the same situation too.

Start by propping your door open when you’re unpacking – that way you’ll be able to greet your flatmates as they walk by, putting you on a friendly foot. You might even want to leave a plate of biscuits just outside the door – a welcome surprise that lets your flatmates know you’re open for business.

It also helps to spend a bit of time in the communal areas. In the kitchen, your kettle is a great tool to score easy friend points so maybe make sure there’s some tea and milk to hand.

Get out and about

Take a walk around your halls to see what’s going on. You’ll meet a lot of new people in the first few days and even if they’re not all BFF material, spend a bit of a time getting to know them. It’s nice to have a group to go and check out the local pubs and clubs with so don’t be shy about making the suggestion yourself.

There are tons of great events on during Freshers’ week to help you settle in to Leeds Beckett life. Why not get to know the schedule? – It’s vital knowledge that will give you an edge when it comes to making suggestions about where to head to during your first week. Also remember to head to your Halls Block Party on Sunday 22 September as that will be a great chance to meet people from your new halls community.

If you’re not a big drinker then don’t worry – just be honest as people are very accepting. Don’t let it stop you from trying out the pub and club scene as well. Leeds has one of the best nightlives in the country and there’ll be something to suit your tastes. If you’re still not convinced then fear not, you’ll still find plenty who are more at home with a film and a night in or you can head to the Freshers’ Fair to find more people that share your interests (and maybe find a few interests you never knew you had!).

Points to remember

There’s nothing wrong with feeling like you want to go home – many students do in their first week. Just remember that that feeling will pass as you immerse yourself in student life but calling home on your first night is not a sign of weakness.

A lot of students feel the pressure to drink more than they're used to during Freshers. Letting your hair down with friends is one of the many enjoyable things about the Uni experience but while the emotions are running high, give yourself a chance to ease into the student lifestyle.

Lastly, be careful about making assumptions about people. You’re going to be mixing with people from all walks of life and from many different backgrounds and everyone responds to new situations differently. If they don’t seem like your type of person right away, give them a chance – one of the best things about Uni is enjoying a diverse and exciting circle of friends.

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09 Nov 2021
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