Awkward things that happen when making friends

There is a fine line between being friendly and creepy… Starting University means you will meet a range of different people, and there will almost certainly be a few awkward moments that happen to everyone.

1. When people are having a conversation and you try to join in but you’re stuck hovering behind.

2. You finally say something and its totally irrelevant and everyone just looks at you.

3. When you’re first to arrive at a party and your standing there on your own for a solid 15 minutes- 9pm always means 10pm.

4. When you bond over something and you think it’s the start of a great new friendship but then they forget about it like it was nothing. NOTHING.

5. Being friendly will get misinterpreted as flirting.

6. Laughing at jokes when you've completely zoned out because everyone else did.

7. When the small talk runs out and you have nothing to say to each other.

8. Despite spending a full day with someone you can’t remember their name, and it’s too late to ask again.

9. When that really cool and confident person arrives and you try to mirror everything they do.

10. You think that someone's waving at you, but it was the person behind you.


If any of this happens to you DO NOT PANIC you’ll look back and chuckle, most probably with your new circle of friends. 

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