Freshers Flu what is that

You’re half way through Freshers week and your feeling rotten, all you want to do is wrap up in your duvet. Sounds like you have got yourself a case of Freshers Flu.

What are the signs that I have Freshers Flu?

Shivering- Even your hot water bottle, woolly hat, jumpers and joggers aren’t keeping you warm.

Fever- You have a fever but at the same time want to jump into an ice bath, your feeling hot and cold.

Sneezing- You have managed to drag yourself to your induction lecture but you can’t hear anything the lecturer is saying over your coughing and sneezing.

Headache- You feel like burying your head under your pillow all day and not communicating with anyone.

Grogginess- Getting up and moving around will feel like more effort than moving into halls.

What has caused it?

Mingling- You’ll be coming into contact with loads of new ‘best friends’ from all over the place, the perfect opportunity for germs to spread.

Lack of sleep- Attending every night out can be tiring, try taking a night off with a movie.

Excessive alcohol- Too much alcohol can weaken your immune systems. Maybe that next round isn't such a good idea after all.

Eating junk food- 3am takeout’s and hangover munchies may feel like the right idea at the time but junk food will only make you feel a whole lot worst. Get some decent food down you to help you feel better.

Stress- The pressure of moving, meeting new people and starting University can be stressful. Try not to do more than you can handle with the fear of missing out.   

How can I cure it?

Eat healthy- Eat your greens like your parents always told you.

Drink lots of water- Stay hydrated and flush out and flush out all of those Freshers' flu toxins.

Take paracetamol- It won’t cure you but you’ll feel a lot better.

Berocca is your new best friend- get your essential vitamins by taking supplements like Berocca or the shop's own-brand version – basically the same product, but for less money!

Get an early night- Sleep yourself better and catch up on those Zs and de-stress. 

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09 Nov 2021
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