You will be super rich when loan arrives

There’s a good chance your first student loan instalment will be the biggest amount of money you’ve ever seen in your bank account, but don’t spend it all at once! Remember, it’s got to cover your rent, bills, books, travel and entertainment. For a year.

Campus life is one long catwalk

You’ve probably bought loads of new clothes for uni already, and why not? Obviously you want to impress your new classmates. But give it a week and you’ll be wearing comfy gym clothes to lectures and that onesie will look pretty inviting.

You’ll have the best nights out and party every night during Freshers

You might do, or you might find out that certain events during freshers aren’t your taste- or by Thursday you’re full of freshers flu and just want to stay in bed.

As the year goes on you will get a better idea of what’s going on and will have more choice. In the meantime, just enjoy Freshers' for what it is: an opportunity to have a lot of fun with new people, in a new place.

You’ll meet your friend for life during freshers

You might think that your new flatmates will be awesome and you’ll be best friend’s forever. Halls are great for making friends, but don’t expect to instantly hit it off with everyone.  There’s always one guy…

Freshers' Week gives you a chance to meet loads of people, but it's not the only opportunity you'll have to make friends- Don’t forget you have three years to do that.

Freshers HAS to go well or my uni experience will be ruined

You’re just at the start of uni and everyone handles the move differently – there’s no one way to ‘do’ Freshers. For some it’s trying out as many new experiences as possible, for others its nesting and getting to know their new city. Some people find they’re not quite ready to throw themselves in and pop back home for a few days. It’s all good.

University life has so much to offer, you can’t possibly fit it all into a week so take it at your pace and enjoy it your way. 

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09 Nov 2021
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