Freshers Survival Guide

Freshers is one of the most exciting times of University life. You’re in a new place, with new people and a new found freedom. No doubt you may make mistakes but you will also make lots of great memories. Mix all this together and Freshers can seem a little daunting, but have no fear - we have put together a Freshers survival guide, the ultimate guide to coming out the other end in one piece.

Settle in

Settling In

Arrive a little early to give you time to unpack and prepare for Freshers Week. Remember to leave your door open while you unpack, that way you are more likely to bump into your new flatmates.

Make friends

Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers. Everyone is in the same position and looking to make new friends. Once you have met one or two of your flatmates knock on your neighbour’s door and say hello, you’ll feel more comfortable going as a pair.

Bring tea and biscuits

Bringing cake, tea and biscuits is a sure way to make new friends, share them out with your flatmates and the conversation will follow.

Don’t go to every event possible

There is only so much you can do, try and prioritise what want to do most.

Know the taxi companies

If you ever end up stranded on a night out with no money you can call Amber Cars and they will pick you up. All you will need is your student ID and you can pay the fare at a later date.  

Amber Cars have an app you can download to book your taxi or you can call them on 0113 202 2117.

Then there’s always Uber. It works from an app connecting riders to drivers and you pay on your card through the app, making it a life saver if you’ve spent all your cash on drinks at the bar or a midnight feast.

Learn your address

Save your address in your phone, you don’t want to be lost at 3am.

Charge your phone before a night out

Not only do you want to take lots of pictures to remember your night, booking a taxi at the end of the night might be hard with a flat battery.

Register at the doctors

Be prepared, you don’t want to be having to do this when you are ill.

Stay open minded

stay open minded

Things may not always seem to be going smoothly and you may feel a little out of your comfort zone, but stay open minded you will soon get used to your new environment and friends.

Do a big food shop

Stock up on food to get you through the hangovers rather than spending all your money on takeaways. Don’t forget fruit and veg to help curb Fresher’s Flu. Yes, it is a thing!

Sign up to societies and sports clubs

Societies and sports clubs are one of the best ways to make new, like-minded friends. If you are interested in joining a sports club, the Headingley Freshers Fair is the place to be. You can also join our societies at both the City and Headingley Campus Freshers Fairs.

Grab all the freebies

During Freshers you will be offered tonnes of freebies, take them while you can, the vouchers and free food will come in handy. Leeds Beckett Headingley and City Campus Freshers Fairs are one of the best places to get your hands an abundance of free stuff, including Domino’s Pizza. Don’t miss out!

Stick with mates

You’ll have much more fun with your mates and stay a lot safer.

Enjoy it

University life will fly by, make the most of it while you can and enjoy every moment. 

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09 Nov 2021
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