How To Be The Greatest Housemate Ever

Living with new people can be challenging, especially if you have never had to live with housemates before. Make sure your living situation is pleasant and fun by becoming the greatest housemate ever with these top tips.

Respect each other’s space

For the next year your new flat is yours and your housemates new home so it’s important that everyone feels comfortable.  Don’t leave all your stuff everywhere and if you have friends, boyfriends or girlfriends over, don’t let them outstay their welcome. Remember that you are sharing a home and you should be considerate of your housemates needs.

Take opportunities to bond

Spending quality time with your housemates is important. Getting to know each other will get rid of any awkwardness and help you feel more comfortable around each other.

Be laid back

 It’s not until you start living with someone who isn’t related to you, that you realise how much you like things YOUR way. But people work differently and you will soon learn that not everyone does things the way you do. Talking it through with your flatmates goes a long way to helping each other understand how you operate – be open-minded and identify any points of tension then decide together how you’re going to avoid them.

Clean up after yourself

Most annoying habits (and arguments) start in the kitchen. Be sure to clean up after yourself when you’ve cooked and leave things the way you’d like to find them. You’re likely to have different expectations from your flatmates so again it might be helpful to work out a few agreements over how to keep it.

Try to keep it down

Not everyone has the same taste in music, and most people certainly don’t appreciate banging tunes at 2am. Try to keep it down or use your headphones.

Don’t steal food

Raccoon stealing food from a bin

If you think that handful of pasta or squeeze of tomato sauce will go unnoticed it won’t. Just ask, it will be much more appreciated.

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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