10 Reasons to Love Autumn

Autumn is now upon us. AND WE LOVE IT. People always get unfairly excited about the summer months, but in reality autumn is where the magic happens. You can bask in the sweet scent of pumpkin, be constantly warm and cosy by a fire, and relish in all the new TV shows. Here are 10 reasons why we love Autumn…

The Colours

There’s something really pretty about seeing the leaves go orange, slowly fall off and then assemble into a big pile of reds, oranges and browns on the ground. All perfect for you edgy Instagram photographers out there.

Cosy Nights In

The summer months always forced you to head down to your nearest beer garden and sit outside mildly shivering while nursing a glass of lukewarm cider, and if you didn’t participate you were considered to be a killjoy.

Now you can swap that for a film, a hot chocolate and your big fur blanket.

The Winter Wardrobe

Woolly scarves, cosy hats, onesies, ALL the layers. Gone is the focus on showing skin, we love layers, and what's more? They're comfy!


An excellent excuse to have a drink, wear fancy dress and even make strangers give you sweets and chocolate. Basically an epic night out.

Bonfire Night

Pass us all of the toffee apples as we watch different colours shoot around in the sky. Wherever you are in Leeds, there’s a bonfire nearby!

Crisp Air

There is something so refreshing about stepping outside and taking a deep breath while the air is cool and sharp. None of that disgusting, humid summer air, tinged with sweat and booze.

Hot drinks

Cold weather means one thing... Hot drinks - hot chocolate, warm cider, mulled wine. Oh my, oh my.

Food, glorious food

Brace yourself for stews, slow cookers, hearty soups and chocolate puddings with hot fudge sauce.

Clocks go Back

So, an extra hour in bed to make you feel top notch for that 9am lecture? Roll on the 29th October!

Countdown to Christmas

That's right! It's officially acceptable to start putting together that list for Santa and tucking into those mince pies.

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