6 Reasons Why A University Hoodie Is The Greatest Piece Of Clothing Of All Time

Did you know you can invest in your own Leeds Beckett University hoodie for just £25? When it comes to clothing, the humble University hoodie should always come out top. Head over to the campus shop or search online for our range of hoodies that are a great autumn and winter alternative. This student essential is hard to resist, here are 6 reasons why…

1. Get 10% off right now!

From Monday 9th October till Friday 10th November you get 10% off all University hoodies. You can get hold of one in store at the campus shop or online from:


2. Get Comfy in Something Cosy  

If you are going to watch endless amounts of day time TV and nap, why not do it keeping warm and cosy in a university hoodie? With fleece lining you can sit comfortably forgetting about all that work you’ve got to do…


3. It’s a timeless memento

Even when you’ve graduated you can still hold onto student life with a university hoody and reminisce on the good old days.


4. Support Our Sports Teams

As you may know Leeds Beckett is renowned for its sporting culture- we’ve won Varsity 13 years in a row now. With a University hoodie you can #wearyourcolours when you support teams or your mates at university sports fixtures.

5. Having a bad hair day?

Everyone falls victim to a terrible haircut once in a while, and when you realize your mistake, your hoodie is your new best friend.


6. Perfect for all activities

Great for travelling, ideal to sleep in, good for the gym, and perfect for a Netflix binge. It even protects you from adverse weather conditions and is arguably more reliable than any umbrella you’ve ever had. Is there any activity that a university hoodie isn’t good for? No, we thought not.

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