Getting A Job At Uni

Having a job during uni may seem daunting and horrible, but it's actually very beneficial for both your bank account and your future. Not everyone wants to work and study, but it's something you should consider before your bank account goes into the negatives... Read our top tips on bagging part-time work while at uni.

Careers Advice

If you’re thinking more long term (career planning), the Student & Graduate Futures team are the people to see. They are here to support students and graduates with all aspects of career planning & decision making, along with helping you to recognise and develop your employability skills.

They offer a drop in service or careers appointments, they also run workshops and events which are employer-led.

Not sure where to start? Go and say hello to the Employability team in The Gateway (Leslie Silver Building) or the Headingley Student Hub, or give them a call on 0113 812 7335.

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09 Nov 2021
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