Supermarket Savers

Unfortunately, feeding yourself isn't something that can be avoided – everyone’s gotta eat. But the good news is that spending a fortune at the supermarket is! Use the tips below to help to reduce your spending, and while you’re at it why not check out our budgeting tools and tips on a range of money draining aspects of adult life?

Don’t shop on an empty stomach

You've probably heard this one a zillion times before, but how many times have you broken the golden rule and ended up spending an arm and a leg on salty snacks? Never, ever shop when you're hungry!

Plan your meals

If you're not much of a list person, becoming one might be a good idea! You'll be pleasantly surprised to see the impact it can make on your shop, and your savings!

Not only will it save you money but it will also ensure that you think properly about what's going in your basket before you arrive to all the distractions of the supermarket.

Don’t shop on loan day

You may feel like a baller when your loan hits your bank account, but that won’t last long if your throwing anything and everything into your trolley without even batting an eyelid.

Get in and out ASAP

Supermarkets are always desperately trying to make you part with more money, and the longer you hang around the more likely that is to happen. Supermarkets play music at a low bpm, slower than your resting heartbeat, to keep you relaxed and encourage you to stay and buy more.


Shop at the best times

Supermarkets often reduce items that are about to expire late in the evening, a great time pick up a bargain!

Brands Vs Basics

Don’t be wedded to a brand.  You can buy own-brand products for half the price that still taste just as good. Loyalty will NOT save you money!


For more money saving tips and advice, visit the Student Money Team in the Rose bowl. 


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