Top 7 Student Fashion Choices

Going to university can be a good opportunity to reinvent your look because – unlike the workplace – anything goes. To give you some inspiration we have listed the top 7 fashion choices at University:

1. University Hoodie

An artefact that you can have for the ages, show your university pride and also just keep warm this Autumn. 10% off Monday 9th October till Friday 10th November, you can get hold of one in store at the campus shop or online from:

2. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans look effortless but in reality they're so much more effort to put on. You have to gently shimmy them up your legs, praying your foot doesn't go through the knee hole and rip all the way through. But this doesn’t put students off!

If you do invest in a pair, be warned when wearing then back home, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll get a you’ve ripped your jeans ‘joke’ from the rents.

3. Trainers

Trainers are a must for University, not only are they comfy but they are also perfect when your rushing to your next lecture, or if you had few to many last night and are running to make you 9am seminar. They go with pretty much anything so minimal effort is needed to look great... it’s a win win really.

4. Gym Gear

Gym clothes are great if you plan on hitting the gym after Uni… You may notice quite a few people in your seminars showing up in gym leggings and hoodies, and you might be impressed by how active they are. But don’t be fooled, gym gear is super comfy and many students substitute tight jeans with baggy joggers. So why not join in?

Or you might actually be one of these active people. If so you can invest in some Athletic Union kit to really look the part.

5. Denim Jackets

Double denim is a thing and students love it. Ideal for off-duty, simply throw an oversized denim number over any outfit to give it a relaxed feel.

6. Backpack

Backpacks have to be one of the best student trends, they look great and are practical! Backpacks are built to withstand at least three years of abuse, after days of holding your books, laptop, your Frisbee, and err… other stuff.

If you are planning on investing let’s be real here: You’re not shopping for just a pack, you’re choosing a constant, reliable companion.

7. Oversized coat

Winter is coming and comfort is everything. Days are getting colder, we want ourselves a giant outerwear that will protect us from chilly mornings and evenings. But keep an eye out for the shops with student discounts, winter coats can be a pricy investment (but well worth it). 


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09 Nov 2021
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