Why Return To Halls?

Did you know we have rooms available for students who would like to continue to live in Leeds Beckett Halls? You may be thinking of starting to organise a house or flat share for next year, but have you considered all your options? Returning to halls in second, third and fourth year has so many benefits it may be hard to refuse!

Here are some of the reasons previous students have decided to stay in halls:

No additional deposit to pay (its carried over from last year)

There’s no need to wait to get your deposit back, carrying it over is much more convenient!

Unlike private accommodation there is no joint tenancy agreement so you're only responsible for your own rent!

Worried about that flaky friend? No need if you are living in halls, you won’t have to stump up and pay when they go walk about or argue over paying bills as it is all done individually.

No hassle and awkward conversations needed that sometimes come with house hunting

No need to fight over the only room with an en-suite, everyone gets the same.

No bills to pay

All your bills are included, so no walking round in the dark with a million layers on to keep warm…

24-hour residential support, security and maintenance

Living in halls you can be totally independent, but if something goes wrong there is always someone on hand. Make life easy, not complicated.

Make new friends or live with old ones - it's up to you

Fill a flat with a group of friends or join a new flat and create a new social circle. If you’re worried about being the ‘old student' in a corridor of freshers, you can always request to live with people at a similar level and we can see what we can do.

Shorter contract

Private accommodation contracts mean you’re usually tied into a 52 week contract, sometimes meaning you may be paying for somewhere when you’re not actually there. In halls you can pay for as long as you need the flat (no summer cost when you’ve moved back home).


Chances are you’ve probably already made some great memories in halls, so why not make more? Booking is now open for all current Leeds Beckett students for 2018/19 and if you book before 14 February 2018 you’ll be able to freeze your rent and pay the current price.

To book get in touch with the Accommodation Team:


T: 0113 812 5972


Terms & Conditions: Enrolled Leeds Beckett students can apply to stay in selected halls including; Marsden House, Arena Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Carnegie Village, Sugarwell Court and Woodhouse Flats. A limited number of rooms are set aside as part of this offer and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To obtain 2017/18 prices for a 2018/19 booking, as part of the pay freeze promotion, you must book by 17:00 on 14 February 2018. Existing deposits can be transferred to a new booking but you 


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