How Safe Is Your Room

In today’s world, almost anything worth bringing to Uni needs plugging in at some point. With all those extra cables and leads trailing about the place it’s important to make sure you look after your electricals and know how to use them safely.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together this super quick guide to the dos and don’ts of using electrical items in halls.

Are you guilty of any of these…?

Using multisided adapters

If you need more than one socket, use extension leads, and make sure they aren't trailing across floors or plugged into something outside of the room.

Attempting electrical repairs

If you don't know what you're doing, always get things like plugs fixed professionally!

Overloading extension leads

Only ever plug in the number of devices the lead is designed for. Plugging an extension lead into an extension lead (daisy chaining) is never a good idea and could cause everything plugged in to fuse – you don’t want to have to pay out to replace those GHDs or phone chargers.

Using electrical items in the bathroom

Sockets above the sink are for electrical razors only!

Use of naked flames

Not so much about electricals but worth mentioning anyway. The rules are simple. Basically, no naked flames. Ever. For you that means keeping away from candles and cigarettes (you already knew that though, right?).

Things to remember

1. Report any damage to university equipment to reception as soon as you notice it.

2. If something does stop working make sure you switch it off, unplug the equipment, then look for damage to the cable, or to the plug.

3. When leaving your room for a long period of time, always double check electrical equipment is switched off and unplugged.

4. Always check for the CE mark on electrical equipment.

Buying items from reputable sources is the best way to look after the safety and you and your flat. It might save you a few quid but is it really worth buying a £3 charger off Amazon and putting yourself and all your belongings at risk?


Remember, before leaving to go home for Christmas make sure you switch off everything and unplug as much as possible! 

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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