How to grow the perfect MO

Men across the world are swapping their clean-shaven, baby-faces for moustaches worthy of a western-movie villain... Yep, you guess it! Movember is back, encouraging men to live happier, healthier and longer lives...

Guys have been growing moustaches every November since 2003 to raise awareness and vital funds for men's health. But, if you want to add a bit of finesse to your moustache, rather than just walking around with a mass of untameable hair, consider maintenance. Mo maintenance.

Follow these simple steps to help your moustache hit the next level…


Get Your Timing Right

When it comes to tidying in the initial stages, use clippers or a beard trimmer. After 3-4 weeks use proper facial hair scissors and be careful.

Cut When Dry

It's week 3 and you're doing well, but decide it's ready for a tidy up...woah, where did it all go?! When hair is wet it looks longer and you might find you cut off more than you planned.

Get scrubbing

Use a good face scrub to remove any unwanted food or dead skin cells building up in your moustache, particularly in the early stages.


You shampoo the hair on your head in the morning, so why not your facial hair? Your face is exposed to a lot during the course of a day - to sun, wind, and pollution – and it needs a helping hand to avoid becoming dry and lifeless

Moustache comb

A moustache comb is an excellent investment if you’re growing a Mo. Not only can you use it to evenly distribute moustache wax and help part your moustache in the middle, it’s also a useful aid when trimming.

Know How To Twirl

To achieve up-turning points on your moustache, take a smidgen of moustache wax, rub between your thumb and index finger and twirl the end with a technique much the same as snapping your fingers.


Avoid tash dandruff and moisturise the skin!

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09 Nov 2021
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