Britains Christmas Traditions Explained

With only 20 days till Christmas your probably in full Christmas mode by now! In Britain, we go mad for Christmas (some more than others) and can't get enough of it. But have you ever stopped to think that some of our Christmas traditions are a bit weird?
Here's a breakdown of everything that happens around Christmas and an explanation of why we love them so much:

Boxing Day

As you know, we love a bank holiday in the UK and the 26th is yet another. Not many people know how to spend it but we all make the most of it.

Why? Who would turn down an extra day to lounge around eating chocolate and Turkey sandwiches? There's usually a lot of football matches to go to and films on TV to watch when eating your leftovers.

Christmas Adverts

Christmas hasn't started until you've seen the latest John Lewis advert. We wait for it all year and usually cry after watching it because it's so good!

Why? It always captures what Christmas is all about and really gets you in the spirit! Check out the John Lewis YouTube channel to see the best ones.

Mince Pies

Quite possibly one of the strangest things you'll ever eat in the UK and you either love or hate them. Once you see the spiced fruity filled treats, you know it's nearly Christmas.

Why? They just taste like Christmas! Most people hated them as a kid but the older you get, the more you appreciate them, especially warm with brandy butter.

Christmas Drinks

We feel genuine excitement when Costa release their wintery flavoured drinks and Christmas cup because they taste and look SO good.

Why? This is perfectly normal because what isn't amazing about a Lindt hot chocolate or coffees that come with little Gingerbread man dipped in?

Christmas Jumpers

We track down a hideous jumper and wear it with so much pride. We love them so much that we've dedicated Christmas Jumper Day (15th December) to raise money for Save the Children. 

Why? Everyone is aware how terrible they are but that's what makes it so much fun. In fact, the uglier, the better!


Ok, we'll admit this is a weird one! Watching Z-list celebrities like the Chuckle Brothers, X Factor rejects and boyband members performing the classic stories of Dick Whittington, Jack and The Beanstalk, Snow White etc.

Why? It takes you back to being a child and shouting out "he's behind you!" and you can guarantee that the drag act will be hilarious.

Terrys Chocolate Orange

Another treat that comes out at Christmas time. It's so infectious that you can even get a Terry's Chocolate Orange McFlurry.

Why? They taste amazing and they're usually on offer around Christmas so you can grab one for about £1!

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