Enjoying Your Time At Halls

Do you love the comfort of living in halls and don't want to leave? Well you don’t have too - students from all years of study can live in halls, so why not return…

Living in halls is an unforgettable part of your university experience. It’s a place where you get your first taste of independence and meet lifelong friends.

Last year around 170 students made the decision to return to halls and here’s why…

A whole flat packed full of friends

Halls is open to anyone studying at Leeds Beckett so if you want to continue living with your current flatmates or fancy living with some course mates, they are all welcome.

Meet more new people than you can shake a stick at

You’re surrounded by people your own age from different places with different interests, the perfect opportunity to create strong friendships.

A great community vibe

Take a break from hanging out in your room and enjoy even more space in the great communal areas.

Everything you need is close by

Both City and Headingley campus have halls of residences on their doorstops. So you can be within walking distance to the shops, uni and bars!

Onsite staff – reception and maintenance

No trekking to the post office because your housemates slept in, there is always someone on hand to collect the outfit you ordered for tonight. Plus, if something breaks, there’s someone around to fix it.

No need to think about bills

Bills are included so you don’t have to worry about any awkward conversations around people paying their share.

No deposit to pay

If you’re already living in halls you can simply carry over your current deposit, simple.

Chances are you’ve probably already made some great memories in halls, so why not make more? Booking is now open for all current Leeds Beckett students for 2018/19 and if you book before 14 February 2018 you’ll be able to freeze your rent and pay the current price.

To book get in touch with the Accommodation Team:


T: 0113 812 5972

Terms & Conditions: Enrolled Leeds Beckett students can apply to stay in selected halls including; Marsden House, Arena Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Carnegie Village, Sugarwell Court and Woodhouse Flats. A limited number of rooms are set aside as part of this offer and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To obtain 2017/18 prices for a 2018/19 booking, as part of the pay freeze promotion, you must book by 17:00 on 14 February 2018. Existing deposits can be transferred to a new booking.

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