10 Reasons To Become A Sports Member NOW

Becoming a Leeds Beckett sports member gives you access to a huge range of high-quality facilities and fitness classes. Here are 10 reasons why YOU should become a Sports member NOW...

1. It'll make you more active

Fancying a fitter, happier, more active you for 2018? It's just what you 'planned' on doing in 2017, right? And, probably 2016, stop putting it off - this is your year!

2. It'll motivate you

Joining a gym means you’ve made that investment in getting in shape, meaning you more likely to actually do it.

3. It'll help you build friendships

Sport brings people together, whether it's by going along with your friends, or, making new ones.

4. It's fun!

You can do what you already love, or, try something new with the University’s non-competitive sports programme. You might just find yourself a new hobby!

5. Everything's on your doorstep

With our University gyms and facilities located on campus, you can go straight from the lecture hall to the spin class. Easy.

6. FREE classes

You'll have access to over 40 fitness classes free with your sports pass. With everything from Aerobics to Zumba, there's something for everyone.

7. You're getting the best deal!

Join now to take advantage of the cheaper rates.

8. Motivation on tap

Struggle to keep on track? We all do from time to time. But, our on-site personal trainers can help you break that wall and put you back on the road to achieving your goals.

9. Leeds Beckett family

Getting more involved in campus sports will make you feel even more a part of the University community.

10. Use our top class facilities

If they're good enough for top Olympic athletes, they must be pretty good, right?

Get your sports pass here.

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