1. Organise your supplies. Get your pens and paper at the ready, especially for the first week of the semester when you are finding out about all those assignments and exams.
  2. Get a diary. If you haven’t already, invest in a diary to help your keep on track with your deadlines and social calendar. If the paper diary is dead to you, why not spend a few minutes organising your phone calendar?
  3. Take Care of Textbook Duties Early. There’s nothing worse than showing up to the first week of a class that turns out to absolutely require the textbook – and not have it yet. Keep the cost down by buying second hand or checking out the library.
  4. Join a New Club or Sport. Here at Leeds Beckett we love sport. Join our sporting community and be part of something special, it’s never too late.
  5. Start paying off your student overdraft. If you’re in your final year and have a student overdraft be careful, once you enter the big working world your bank account will no longer be a student account and your bank will start charging interest on your bank account.
  6. Know your resources. Refresh on those skills for learning and take a look at the services we have to support you here at Leeds Beckett.
  7. Set some goals. Decide what kind of marks you would like and make a plan of how much work you will need to be doing to achieve your goals.
  8. Sort out transport. If your resolution this year is to be more active, why not hire a bike for just £35 to get to your lectures…

Good luck and enjoy semester 2

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