11 Things Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Obviously there will be others who remember some of the things mentioned in this article, but only those born in the 90s will truly understand the importance they played in our young lives.


You’d pretend to go to the toilet at school just to ensure your tiny virtual pet wouldn’t starve to death, because the trauma of that was far too much for our young hearts to handle. They were soon replaced by games like Nintendogs but will be forever remembered as many people’s first pet.

Dick n Dom in da Bungalow

It was every kid’s dream to be on this show. There were cream pie fights and green slime punishments that entertained many a 90’s kid on a lonely Sunday morning when the parents were having a lie-in. “Bogies” became a household recognised game and even now you hear people playing it in shops – they were that influential.

When Freddos were affordable

The price of a Freddo is a source of great pain for anybody over the age of fifteen these days. No longer can a child go to the corner shop and buy that chocolatey treat for a few pence, purchasing one now feels like breaking the bank and in reality they’re not really worth it.


Early secondary school was spent crowded around that one kid in the class who had the new Basshunter or Cascada song, to get them to Bluetooth it to your phone so you could then play it out loud constantly for the next six months.

Inflatable furniture

Inflatable furniture was a big part of every child’s bedroom during the 90s. How cool did you feel when you showed your friends that big, pink, glittery, inflatable chair in the middle of your room? They all knew Britney Spears had the same one, and they all felt just as excited as you did.

Bop It

Ah, Bop It who could forget this iconic toy. It was basically just a slightly more high tech version of Simon Says – players had to bop it, pull it, twist it, in response to what the little voice was saying. The requests would get quicker and quicker, and before you knew it, you’d mess up and be startled by the machine’s disappointed ‘UGHHHHH’ sound.

Moon Shoes

Mini-trampolines for your feet… whats not to love!