We thought we'd get into the spirit of London Fashion Week, which takes place on 16 Feb 2018 – 20 Feb 2018, and give you a few tips that could help you out.

But sadly there are times when your parents aren't always around to help, so it's time to learn a few tricks of the trade yourself! 

  1. No time to try on?
    Check if a pair of jeans fits by wrapping the waistline around your neck. If it meets without overlap, congratulations you have a pair of fitting jeans!
  2. For those stubborn oil stains
    Apply talcum powder to the affected areas and leave overnight, then brush off with a clean, old toothbrush.
  3. In the words of Levi Strauss, "stop washing your jeans"
    Instead, put them in the freezer overnight once a month to kill bad bacteria and eliminate odours. If you have to wash them, turn inside out first to retain colour and shape.
  4. Crease control
    If you don't have time to iron, or you just don't have one (we aren't judging), try one of these! We recommend the shower and towel methods or hair straighteners to iron your collar to stay looking sharp.
  5. Blistering new shoes?
    Stretch them slightly by placing a bag of water in each and leaving in the freezer overnight. Voila! Lovely, comfy shoes...
  6. Fixing a stuck zipper
    A nightmare if it happens while you're out and can't get your trousers or skirt to hold (we've all been there...) Simply grease up the zip with soap, Vaseline or lip gloss and you're good to go. 
  7. Keep your fly high...
    Attach the ring of a keyring or an elastic band to your zip, and then hang around your jean's button.
  8. A Godsend for the girls
    Use shaving cream to remove foundation marks from your collars (remembering to rinse after). Perfect for those 10-outfit-change nights, where you just end up reverting to your first option...
  9. One for the ladies' men
    Use hairspray to get rid of those lipstick stains on your shirts. Simply let it settle for a few minutes before putting in the wash, and remember to keep it on the cheek next time...
  10. The wrong type of gym gains
    If your trainers are a bit worse for wear after some intense gymming, sprinkle baking soda into them and leave overnight.
  11. Sharpen up your shades
    If the arms on your sunglasses are loose and you don't have a screwdriver to hand, dab nail polish on the hinge to tighten it for the meantime. 

If none of these are solving your problems just the give mum and dad a call...