7 Ways To Make You A Superhero

You don't have to wear a cape, or a Lycra suit - unless you want to... Don't worry if you can't fly either because being a superhero just got a whole lot easier!

We are in the middle of Go Green Week and need the help of you students!

So here are 7 ways you can use your super powers, and change the world...

1. Say goodbye to frantically trying to print off your boarding pass the night before your flight only to find there's no ink left! Use your phone to save on paper for hassle free travel (oh and it gives you more time in duty free!).

2. Who knew meat-free Monday's could save the world?! Switch off your carnivorous side for one day a week and after a year you will have saved on carbon emissions equivalent to not driving your Batmobile for a month!

3. Being a superhero doesn't just mean saving the planet but saving animals too! Make Aquaman proud by preparing your meals from scratch rather than stocking up on takeaway tubs.

4. Invest in a reusable water bottle instead of buying a new bottle every day. This won't just save tonnes of vital water but it will save you money (which you can spend on developing your superhero lair).

5. What's a superhero without some cool gadgets? Just remember to RECYCLE them when you upgrade to something fancier instead of just chucking them in the bin. 

6. As well as recycling your gadgets, if you recycle your cans and glass too, they will be back on the shelf at a rate that even Flash would envy.  

7. As you are probably aware, electricity is a dangerous weapon when super villains get their hands on it, so if we could all reduce our usage by simply changing a light bulb, then the world will be a safer place!

Congrats! You are now a fully-fledged Superhero!

Now go and use your powers against the force of evil and spread the message this Go Green Week.

Find out more about People and Planet and how you can get involved!